Feb 28, 2009

An Award from a Friend

Friends are really precious to me. Making friends and being a good friend to others is one of the best things in my life. I treasure friendship so much! Look what I got from this friendship. A recognition and a more happier & meaningful days for me. I'd like to thank my wonderful friend and sister in Islam, Sasha of Hazrin & Sasha for giving me this 3 awards. Cute, 'comel' and precious. Thank you my friend, I appreciate it so much.

This one reminds me about my childhood days, a long time ago. I used to love cartoons but no more spare time to laze around and watch tv. But I always love Disney's stories because they usually promote friendship and the importance of family.

And the last one... LOL, I love this except that it would be good if she wears a longer dress with a hijab. Oh, is that a cute doggy?
As it would be more meaningful i I could share this award with other friends, I'd like to give the last award, the YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS! award to a few friends that I always think their blog is fabulous. So... my friends, if you are on the list, please accept this award. They are:
  • Ange of Hegab Rehab
  • Hajar of A Voice in The Clouds
  • Stylomom
  • Farah of Mommy Otai
  • Malizea of Simply Muslimah
  • KMilla of Aisyah Collection
  • Miss Zaza

May you be happy and keep up the good works.


Sasha said...

thanx for accepting my little friendship thought... Hope you'll achieve all the best things in your life... coz you have touched others in your own special way...

p/s: always love your work... stylista!!

Stylomom said...

Hehehe... but my blog is not fabulous, I dont talk about much, only what I feel and think and not many people know my blog exists.... but thank you.. you make me want to visit Kelantan again... pase male hok di kota bharu make murtabak pise, akok, lompat tike,nasi dage,kerabu hite,mace-mace mi ... alahai tak tahannya... nasib tak mengandung...I wish I can order these and you get them posted here, sedap sangat makanan di kelante.

KakChik said...

You're most welcome Sha. I feel so humbled that there's people out there like you who likes what I'm doing. Thanks for the support Sha.

KakChik said...

Stylomom, you blog is fabulous to me... don't care what others say. IMHO it's fabs.

Maghilah jjale ssini. Hok mano Stylomom terliur tu KakChik buleh bawok gi make. Ado hok buleh buat sdighi mace nasi kerabu ite. Maghilah... lepah2 musim uje nati. Llonih tok song nok gi jjale sb uje sokmo.

Hajar said...


Thank you Kak Chik. ^^ :)

KakChik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Hajar.

You are welcome sis.

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