Feb 26, 2009

At the playground with the kids

We were lucky because when we arrived there're not many people yet at the playground. The kids just jump out of the car and ran to play. Looking at their happy faces makes me smile and saying my prayers to Allah.

I've promised to bring them to a playground and that promise has been fulfilled this afternoon. They're so happy to play there. The parent of the three of them were far away working as a doctor and an army officer. In the mean time, I'll be looking after them just like my own kids.

Looking at them playing happily, running around and trying all the equipments makes me feel so envious of people who has kids. You should be thankful to Allah for giving you a precious chance to be closer to Him through being a parent. Although some people might think that kids are burdensome, I believe that kids are really a gem to be loved and nurtured as a good servant of Allah.

Remember to spare some quality time with your kids. Where are they right?


KakChik @ Sis. Niza


malizea said...

lovely pics :)

KakChik said...

thanks malizea

Stylomom said...

Come Sokmoh... pos pi Singapo takpe...

KakChik said...

Stylomom, nok pos gi Singapo hok mano so? Hehehe

♥miss zaza♥ said...

playground sgt best!

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