Feb 26, 2009

An Award of Companionship


Writing blogs daily makes me becomes alert with so many things, Islamic things; religion, politics, socioeconomic issues, career, fashion etc. Out of all these I learn about life from different perspectives and beliefs and also the importance of friendship, of sisterhood in my daily life. I learn to appreciate what I believe more from reading, responding and thinking about what others said. Sometimes I found interesting blogs that I really want to be updated daily and I became their followers. I don't even think that one day, becoming a follower or as one sister called it, a companion, I'll be awarded and recognized. Subhanallah.

That's the power of friendship. Here, I would like to thank a sister in Islam, OoumHassanoO for giving this meaningful award, a COMPANION AWARD and this is what she said,
"Dearest All, I have really come to appreciate all of you who have been kind enough to add yourselves to my companions area, it truly means a lot to me that you take such an interest, that every so often you drop by this blog, read and comment on posts that interest you masha'Allah."
As for that, I also would like to share this wonderful award with all MY FOLLOWERS. Please accept this award and later on you can share it with your followers too so that everyone will feel honoured and grateful.

Sincerely yours,
KakChik @ Sis. Niza


Sasha said...

thanks!!... that means I also included in the list for receiving the award. Harap Kakchik teruskan perjuangan mendidik masyarakat & saya sedia menemani KakChik sepanjang perjalanan. I will follow you...

milla said...

Salam Chik,

I'm happy knowing u (walaupun di alam maya je). Teruskan perjuangan Chik mendidik kwn2 ke arah Islam yg sebenar2nya.

p/s: means akk kena ambik tag ni jugalah ye...he he he. Thanks.

KakChik said...

you are welcome sha. yes, definitely you are included. pls accept it. thanks for being such a good companion to me all this while.

KakChik said...

wa'alaikumsalam kmilla.

thanks kmilla, that was really inspiring.

and, yes... pls accept it.

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