Feb 13, 2009

Caftan for Kids

A 3 year old Nana was so happy to wear a new kid's caftan bought by her mom. Wearing caftan as a pajama and playing with bubbles is her favorite pastime.

Her caftan was quite pricey for a kid's size. I don't know, I think most of children clothing are quite pricey.

She's showing me her new caftan and when I pretended that I don't like it, she sat down and giving me that look, hehehe. Sorry my dear, I was just kidding.


Hajar said...

Aww~ she's such a sweetheart. Quite a number of people wear it as pjs. How pricey are hers? I reckon these days, some kiddy clothes can fetch almost the same price as adult clothes.

KakChik said...

Yes, she's real a sweetheart except when she wants her milk, she can be a real screamer.

Her small caftan was RM5 more expensive than mine and regular price for adult's caftan is RM20. You can get a cheaper ones but not very comfortable.

Most of her clothes are priced above RM30. It should have been the smaller the size, the cheaper the price, I guess my theory is wrong.

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