Feb 13, 2009

Just Trying My Luck

I am a member of a Ployvore's group called Project Hijab and currently they are having a contest. I've never win any contest before in designing fashion sets. This time, I'm trying again with 3 sets. The title of the contest is ELECTRIC BLUE. I was kind of confuse about this colour but I just enter the page of the contest and have a look at the other contestants' sets. Ooo... that's electric blue, or kind of. So... here are my sets.

This is the first set.
Elektrik Blue
Elektrik Blue - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

This is the second one.
Electric Blue 1
Electric Blue 1 - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

And the last one.
Electric Blue 2
Electric Blue 2 - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

Please let me know what do you think about them and if you want to vote you can go to this link Project Hijab.

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