Feb 14, 2009

You Can Buy Some Of The Items From Malaysian Retailers

Assalamualaikum my friends.

Well, some of you especially friends from Malaysia, have been asking me to create sets that have dresses or items that they can buy from Malaysian retailers. So... I've been blog visiting and looking around for some good dresses and items that can be considered as aurah compliance and took some time to create a few sets. Maybe I'll try to create more sets and provide you with details of how you can get certain dress or item.

Let's see... here they are:

Casual - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

The pretty tunic is from Produksi Ana Muslim. It's priced at RM60.00 and you can get 4 different colors for this tunic.

Abaya for Work
Abaya for Work - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

In the abaya set above, you can buy 2 things from Malaysian stores. The cute OP Art Small HOBO handbag is from Sweet Daffodil, priced at RM780.00 (ORIGINAL) and the wedges is from BATA priced at RM59.99. You can find it at any BATA store in Malaysia.

Earth - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

The pretty handbag and shoe are also from Sweet Daffodil. If you are interested, give the store a visit.

Leisure - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

In this set, the item that you can buy in Malaysia is the dress. It is from eightdesigns and you can get 3 different colors of the same design. Give them a visit.

That's all for now, it's already Asar time and the call to prayer can be heard from my office. Let's perform our Solah.


Stylomom said...

Salam Chik
Mu pandai sokmo ngoyak mana boleh beli bagre- bagre tu... best lah datang blog Chik, banyak shopping sites! hehee

KakChik said...

Wkslm Stylomom.

Tekejut Chik Stylomom buleh kkecek Kelate. Hehehe, belaja nga sapo heh? Ko peghnoh dok Kelate? Chik ghoyak namo keda tu nok mmudoh ko sapo-sapo hok nok bbeli. Stylomom suko abaya, buleh oda nga Miss Abaya.

Shopping sites hok banyok tu nok tulong ekonomi oghe Isle (baca Islam).

Stylomom said...

hahah mu kkecek dale tulise so funnylah.., lama dok kkecek kelate..hahah this is a long story how I know how to speak Kelantanese..my sister married a Trengganu man, and I nearly married a Kelantanese myself, ini semua dikatakan jodoh ya..Cantik pun blog Kak Chik ni kan?

Asha said...

Salaam Kakchik, I am just wondering where can you get niqaab? Did you sew it yourself (because most niqaabis I asked said they sew themselves)? Can I get it online? Are you using the niqaab that most arabs use or was it improvised?

Sorry for all the questions :( I'm just wondering where to get it :D

KakChik said...

Stylomom - betul... memang sound funny when you write Kelantanese dialect but it's fun. "Nearly married a Kelantanese..." huhu, patut la... tapi lepas tu kahwin dgn org mana? Singapore jugak ke? Trm ksih atas pujiannya, all credits should go to Ipietoon, I use their free templates.

KakChik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Asha.

Yes, I sew my own niqaab because I'm not really satisfied with the quality of the niqaab sold at the local market. And lately I make the niqaab from the same 60" square hijab that I'm wearing.

You can definitely buy niqaabs from e-store. Insya-Allah I'm planning on a special post about niqaab and where you can get it.

I'm ok with your Q, don't worry. We sisters in Islam should help each other. See you again here.

Asha said...

Salaam Kakchik!

Thanks for the reply :) Looking forward to your niqaab post!

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