Feb 18, 2009

e-Shops selling niqaab.

Assalamualaikum dear friends.

As promised, this is my second post about niqaab. And today I'm going to feature a few e-shops that sell niqaab. Maybe some of you already know about this shops but never mind, you can still venture to the e-shops looking other clothing items.

Ok, let's not waste our precious time. I've been roaming the Net looking for local (by local I mean Malaysia) e-shops that sell niqaab and also e-shops from abroad (by abroad I mean outside of Malaysia). You know, the niqaab style is really different from country to country and here in Malaysia you can easily find niqaabi wearing niqaab just like mine but there are also mix and match with niqaab style form the Middle East because so many of our Muslimah went there for further studies and they brought the influence back home.

Local e-Stores

1. Stance of Muslimah (SOM)
This style almost the same as mine except that I made a simple wrinkle on my niqaab above the nose for a better air space and looks a bit of a design.

This online shop sells Muslimah's attires and accessories including a niqaab set. You can see from the 2 examples that I've uploaded above. And also the sample of how you can use that niqaab set to assemble a lovely wardrobe just like the picture below.

SOM have 7 different colours of this niqaab set. For more information like the price and the size, just click on the company's name and you'll be at their store. They priced their items in MYR, AUD and USD.

2. Produksi Ana Muslimah (PAM)

I think this is the type of niqaab wears by the Muslim women in KSA and some other countries in the MI. PAM has 2 kind of niqaab in their shop. One with a single layer (MYR11) and the other one is a double layer (MYR14). The price stated in MYR is reasonable but if you are from abroad maybe they'll be quoting the price in USD. Just give the shop a visit for more info. And I think they only have black niqaab of this style.

Hmm... that's the only local e-shop that I can find selling niqaab. I know, there are a few shop in Kelantan that sell niqaab and I'm still waiting for some infos from my friend who's a boutique owner. She sells Muslimah clothing and she has a network of friends doing the same business. I'm hoping to receive some news in a few days.

I've been looking at a few online stores selling niqaab but my feeling is that I'm not too sure to recommend them to you yet. Let me finish scouting for infos about them, whether they're reliable or not and hopefully later I can update this post with some good news and a list of shops. Until then, can you wait?

And while surfing, I found this site, "How to Sew a Niqaab?". The article will help you to sew your own niqaab and I'm definitely going to try it myself. Insya-Allah. There are 3 different niqaab style that you can learn from the site. Well, go ahead, look for yourself.

I think that's all the help that I can give for now. My friends, if you are interested in wearing a niqaab (I hope permanently), I hope you'll find your niqaab. With that, roger and out.

KakChik @ Sis. Nor


Asha said...

Salaam KakChik,

Thank you for that post! It was informative. InsyaAllah me and a group of other sisters will be wearing it soon :D

KakChik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Asha.

You are welcome Sis and that is really good news for me. all the best to you and the other sisters. May Allah give you strength and confidence in your deen. I'm hoping to hear your story about it soon.

*~Ange~* said...

theyre all pretty.. but for me i love the KSA one

KakChik said...

I love that one too Ange. Insya-Allah I'm going to order 1 or 2 from PAM.

Anonymous said...

Salam Alaikom,

Another good website that sells reasonably priced niqaabs would be: www.sunnahstyle.com

I bought their niqaabs and shayla wrap a few months back and I love the light material.. ok, you should check it out for yourself : )

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