Feb 21, 2009

In Reply To Hajar's Tag in FB

25 Random Things About Me:

1. I was nearly burnt to death when I was a baby. Ummi said that, my mosquito net's got burnt by a mosquito repellent (the circular one) and later the fire burnt my bed. Luckily I peed on my bed (that time pampers is a luxury so Ummi just wrapped me with a good morning towel) and the fire stop so close to where my body is. Thank God! I'm really am so lucky to be alive. It happened 34 years ago.

2. I am a kampung girl and a very active one. I used to play with boys all sorts of kampung games. One day an unbelievable accident happened to me. A bunch of running sheep had cause my nose to split and bleeding profusely. I got 11 stitches on my nose and have to wear a gauze on my nose for months before the stitches can be taken out. If you look carefully on my nose you can still see the mark.

3. I'm crazy about fashion but of course it should be aurat friendly and compliance. Don't want to disobey Allah right.

4. I'm a friendly person - you can ask my friends whether it's true or not.

5. I'm a Kelantanese who hates 'budu', 'petai', 'jering' and 'taugeh'.

6. I love it when my husband kiss me on my forehead hehehe.

7. Although I love red and green, most of my dresses are in black and purple.

8. I hate doing accounts, that's why I can't be a treasurer.

9. I love reading romance but there's not enough time for it now because I want to read Qur'an more and also Islamic books.

10. Whenever I have problems I need to release my tension by writing what I feel and everything will be okay after that.

11. Once I couldn't find another RM50 to pay a RM2000+ books at Popular KB and have to borrow it from a friendly Chinese woman behind me. I have the money inside my handbag - I paid her outside of Popular after that. I'm definitely embarrassed but nobody can see it because I'm a niqabi... hehehe. Luckily the cashier and her assistant were already familiar with me and they offer to help me carried all the books to my car.

12. I have 10 pairs of shoes and 7 pairs of them are high heels.

13. I've been a niqaabi for almost 13 years and never thought of taking it off.

14. When I was in Secondary School one of my right fingernails got caught in our coconut grinding machine. I lost all the nail and grind part of the skin above it. Alhamdulillah, it has grow back but it's not the same anymore.

15. I love watching k-dramas and used to spend my money buying the VCDs. Insya-Allah I have stop doing that.

16. I hate people writing rude comments using vulgar languages.

17. I wish to experience the 4 seasons because Malaysia is a tropical country.

18. I want to be a good cook who can cook traditional Kelantanese cuisine just like Ummi.

19. I miss Mak (MIL) so much but doesn't have enough time to visit her.

20. I love Halal Chinese food.

21. I still can wear my dresses from 17 years ago, alhamdulillah...

22. I'll be 35 this April, huhuhu 5 more years and I'l be 40. I don't know how much ibadah and amal have I do for Allah's deen.

23. I'm baking again this afternoon.

24. I've never unclasped my bracelet since the day my husband gave it to me 6 years ago.

25. I'm finished scanning my brain for random things about me.


Asha said...

SubhanaAllah! Glad to know that you weren't burnt or anything!

KakChik said...


Alhamdulillah. I'm saved by the wet mattress.

Nor said...

#2: I'll scrutinise your nose next time I see you!!
#4: Yes, I can absolutely attest to it!! She's one of the friendliest friend I have...
#13: And yes again...Niza is one istiqamah lady where niqab is concern...make me ashamed of myself,huhu...
#21: What??? from 17 years ago? I'm SOOO jealous....

KakChik said...

Kak An,

hehehe, I'll give you special preview of my nose. thank you for no 4 & 13's comment, you don't have to be ashamed la Kak An...

no 21 is true, I still wear my baju kurung of 17 years ago.

Sahara-Henna said...

salam alaykum wr wb. oh my dear, we have much in common. i would like to have conversation with u inshallah.

kiss from europe!!!

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