Mar 28, 2009

Alhamdulillah, I Won Again!

Group: Beauty,Glam,Chic..but with hijab
the Contest: FRESH COLOURS!!
Created by ~♥♥~Simsima~♥♥~
Clue: Use colours, flour colours!! ... with that I think that i said all ... Make a set where u include colours for this Spring...Limitations: with hijab, not 3/4 slevees, no skinny jeans, i mean; Hijab aproppiate... Use ur imagination and dont put model's photographs...Ok sweetiees....Have fun and Good Luck!! :D Ahhh... The winners: 5 WINNERS: 1st and 2nd a set for the creator as a prize, 3rd; 10 faves, and 4th and 5th 5 faves. Kissseeees for all.... mwwwaaah .. Luv you!! :D

And this my set that won 2nd place.

Love me as I am
Love me as I am - by hanniaziz on

Group: khawla and hijab
The Contest: rainbow outfit
Created by: khawla-style(join my contest)
now girls ... today the contest will be different ...the idea is belong to my friend Trendy hijab ... i Chose item and you make a set debend on this item ... it not hard ...i found nice pic on rainbow roses try to make outfit Depends on this item and don't forget to put this pic in your sets Good luck girls :) oh the pic in this link if you have any Question please let me know ... love you all

I won 3rd place for Happy Red...

Happy Red
Happy Red - by hanniaziz on

and 6th place for Fresh and Bright.

Fresh and Bright
Fresh and Bright - by hanniaziz on


Asha said...

MasyaAllah! I especially love the second set!! (because it is red and I love everything red lol)

xoxo, nadia said...

The Happy Red set is fantastic! I love that skirt.

Your other 2 sets are so cute (:

kakchik said...

Thank you sis. Oh, really? Maybe I'll dedicate a special set for you.

kakchik said...

xoxo, nadia,

thanks sis. i think most of us do like that skirt right.

Sasha said...

wow!! big congrats tu you!!.... I'm not so good at mixing many colors together like you did... need to learn from you...

u r so creative...

kakchik said...

Thanks Sha. I know you also can do it. Insya-Allah. All the best to you Sha.

Stylomom said...

Wah terror ah... Saya tak pernah menang apa2 pun! Kesian eh? Pernah pun nampak competition...

kakchik said...

Stylomom, chik pun cuba-cuba je. Tak sangka pulak nak menang. Syukur.

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