Mar 26, 2009

Another New Abaya (2)

This is the second abaya of the three that I've bought a few days ago. It's size 'S' and I have to shorten a bit at the hemline. My father really likes this one. He said that I look elegant in it, hahaha. If you happen to like this one, I'm so sorry because it's the LAST ONE, no more stock.

The beads are purle and white while the sequines are black.
The design on the sleeves are simple but I like it.

A close up of the sleeve.

A close up of the pattern at the hemline. Beautiful isn't it?

I still have another one.


siouxsiesweets said...

salams its beautiful masha Allah what hijab will you wear with it?

Nor said... another one aar?? I'm so jealous!!!

kakchik said...

wa'alaikumsalam sis siouxsiesweets,

I already have a few choices, one a plain light purple hijab, another one is plain dark purple, or maybe a black big rectangle hijab that has purple lining and I can also match it the hijab that I've wore with the other abaya, flowery grey.

kakchik said...

Kak An, there's still another one that I haven't update here. Don't worry la... you have Abg Mie to buy it for you hehehe.

Nurul Iman said...

salam..if i am in kelantan right now, hehe i think i'll be an abayaholic!! haaha..nice abaya KakChik!! marvellous!

kakchik said...

Nurul Iman, I'm sorry for missing your comment. You do not have to be hear to be an abayaholic sis, because you can still buy abayas online, hehe. And I thought there are many outlets at Jln TAR selling abayas.

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