Mar 26, 2009

The Same Abaya With Different Hijab

Above: Three days ago at Bata shoes-store, KB Mall. I was waiting for my order.

Below: Last night before walking a short distance to my dressmaker's shop to send a few clothes for making a new dresses. (sorry for the blurry pic, my sister was too excited to get hold of my camera)

I really love this new abaya. Not only it fits me nicely but it's really cool. After I washed it the first time I wore it again, hehehe. The abaya material is soft and light and it would be comfortable to wear in our country.

I have one abaya that I seldom wear because it's would make me sweat just after a few minutes I put it on. The material was a bit rough and heavy. Although the design was beautiful but it's not suitable to wear in the humid weather such as in Malaysia. Maybe it would be ok to wear during the raining season because it can protect you from cold but it might coke you because whenever it gets wet, you'd be in trouble. So... it's in the wardrobe now.


siouxsiesweets said...

masha Allah you look fantastic and you know already i love the way you do your hijab and niqab, salam

kakchik said...

Thanks siouxsiesweets. I wish I could share the style with you. Love to see other sister trying it.

Salam to you too.

Ahmed said...

Dear Sister. Assalam alaikum.

I am Sameer Ahmed, male from India.
I landed on your nice blog through facebook.

I am just speechless on reading blogs.
You have such a pure thought about everything.
Believe me i did not find hatred,anger,yelling even a bit in any of your blogs.

You made it for sure that you express your thinking and thoughts with firm belief and with a good heart so that other Muslims sisters gain the knowledge.

All i wish to say is, May Allah , Inshallah, bless you more with more knowledge about Islam and Muslims and you spread them among Muslim and Non-Muslims too.

Once again dear sister, Allah bless you and your family.

Assalam alaikum. Allah Hafiz.

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