Mar 5, 2009

I Have Niqabs for Sale

Assalamualaikum everyone. How's your day? Mine is a bit stressful because I have to juggle between work, business and assignments. And recently I've gone through a bit of self wallowing after a small misunderstanding with ... never mind, everything's settle now, alhamdulillah.

There's no fun in drowning myself in that condition so I just decided to spend my precious time with my Lord, praying and reading the Qur'an and try to understand.

Okay, let's leave that aside and back to the topic.

Do you remember I've mention that I'm going to have a few niqabs for sale? A friend of mine, Kak An has given me 5 niqabs that she got from another accquaintance. All this niqabs came from KSA or was bought in Makkah. The friend is a local supplier of niqabs.

I'm going to post some pictures later showing the niqabs and how do they look like when you wear them. So, stay tune for the update.


xuen adyla said...

hurm my day was okay if its not also i try my best n treasure it with love... to kakak i wish your family and you are in great shape...n the utmost important allah blessing.. btw i had to say you look nice in niqaab

have nice day ya

KakChik said...

thank you xuen. i'm glad that you treasure life as best as you can. yes, whatever we do, we definitely want to get Allah's blessings. and thank you for the compliment.

p/s: are you from an intermarriage family? xuen is a Chinese name but i find it really nice.

Nurul Iman said...

Salam Kak Chik

im fatin..and i had started wearing the niqab just few months ago..i have problems in getting niqabs (with strings) other than black..i hope u can gimme a hint where to get them because hhehe i had tried to make one myself, but it looks so gimme a visit at my blog..insyaAllah

masyaAllah, ur blog is marvellous!!

kakchik said...

Wkslm Fatin.

Mashaallah I have totally forgotten about your comment. My bad. Please forgive me dear.

And regarding niqab with string, so far I haven't know anyone selling them but I can definitely help you buy a single layer niqab from a friend.

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