Mar 8, 2009

Me and My Shoes

I don't know about you but I sure love shoes and my most favourite kind of shoe is wedges. Yesterday I bought a second wedges from BATA. It looks simple but I chose this one because it's so light and comfortable. Some people said that as a Muslimah you shouldn't be wearing a shoe with heels but since I've never find any concrete dalil about that from the Quran or the Hadith so I think it's okay as long as it does not produce any sound when you are walking.
And this one fits me nicely.

As for now, I have 11 pairs of shoes, mostly black.
Well, for me different kind of shoe has different purposes. Although at home I usually wear my green flip-flop which only cost RM2.90. Bought it at Mydin.

The most important thing is COMFY.


Asha said...

"The most important thing is comfy"

So true! :D

kakchik said...

Yes, Asha. Everything needs to be comfy.

umm ruman said...

Salam Kak Chik..
Nice wedges kak Chik..I used to have more than 30 shoes before and one of them are 4 inch stiletto shoes but I gave it away as I decided to clad myself with only black hijab. However, Woman will always be woman, I can't deny. Now I'm eying on Clark's flat shoes. The feelings once you slide your feet in those gorgeous shoes seems your feet were given the most comfy, fluffy cushion ever..and the price? OMG more than RM250..:-)

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