Apr 7, 2009

My Niece and Me

Add ImageAssalamualaikum dear friends.

I was in the middle of revising my books for the next exam paper and suddenly get bored. Husband is not home because he has to accompany his students to a camping program somewhere near Gelora Beach Resort in Bachok and I am left alone. I can easily feel bored if I have to study alone. Usually my husband will be nearby and whenever I'm bored I get to disturb him, LOL but don't worry he's okay with it.

I was at Polyvore now trying to make a few abaya sets. While I'm doing that, enjoy the picture of my niece, Amni and me taken this morning before I went to work.
Bye now. Wassalam.


Asha said...

Aww so cute!! How old is your neice! I miss my niece :(

xuen adyla said...

shes so cute and u too

gd luck 4 exam kak chik

♥miss zaza♥ said...


sblm g keje pon sempat amek gmbar tuh ;P
comey amni tu
putehhh melepak!

kakchik said...

Asha, she's 8 months old now. I always look at her pic when I miss her.

kakchik said...

xuen, you are so kind. thanks sis.

kakchik said...

wa'alaikumsalam zaza. ambik gambar bila-bila pun sempat asalkan ada cameraman hehehe. mak sedara amni pun putih gak hehehe

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