Apr 8, 2009

TAG Time! What's Inside Your Bag?

Assalamualaikum everyone. I've been tagged, again. This time it's by Stylomom. She said she has not done it yet. Well, yuhu Stylomom... here's my answer...

My bag is always with me wherever I go.
That's when I'm trying a new abaya in the fitting room.

And the rules are:
1) Take a picture of the bag that you are carrying today and tell us what's in it.
2) Tell us why these things are in your bag.
3) Find just one thing that is most precious to you in the bag and tell us why.
4) Tag just three people to do the same.
Happy snapping and sharing... Cheers!
Alright then. This is a bit personal and I think I've shown my bag to the whole world in my other blog, Keluargaku Sayang last year. However it's actually my wallet and Hubby doesn't really happy about it so I've to take the post out. After listening to his reasoning, I've to agree with him. Well never mind about that. This time he's ok with this tag and I'm gonna do it.

This is my bag, POLO tote bag. It's getting well used and I really love this bag. Bought it 4 or 5 years ago. Oh, I love my bag. It's sturdy, spacious and elegant.

And this is what's inside the bag.

Everything inside my bag is important. They have their own special function and purpose. The most precious one would be my wallet because I've got all important information about me in there and it would be such a lousy business if I lost it.

I hope you can see for yourself the content. If you can't figure out any item, feel free to ask. I've got to make my answer short. Need to do something else now.

Oh, before I forgot, 3 friends to tag.... mmm, I think... I'm gonna tag :
  1. Sasha of Hazrin & Sasha
  2. Ange of Mama, I Married a Masri and
  3. miss zaza of aku & hati
I also made a polyvore set as an imitation for this tag.

What's Inside My Bag?
What's Inside My Bag? by hanniaziz featuring CHANEL brooches

Well, enjoy your day.



salam kak chik! i like de abaya ure putting on! beli kat mana tu :) btw besok new collection arrive nanti kak chik browse thru la ye sampainya on 1st week of may insyallh:)

kakchik said...

Wkslm Farah. Thank you! I bought the abaya in a local shop. I've made an entry about that shop. You can look at the archive. I've read about the new collection in The Abayish, insya-Allah I'll be looking at it ASAP when you update.

Stylomom said...

Haha, cute Chik... I did do the tag with my daughter's help.. I did a detailed one, ah.. now I know what you lug around.. I got too much rubbish in mine..

Asha said...

I see chocolates in your bag kakchik hehehe...

Sasha said...

it's a spooky place in there in my bag! sure i'll do this tag... after this weekend InsyaAllah... that abaya look sooo pretty... the choc.. is it for u or for the kids?... and why do u need scissors that big?... just curious... hehe..

kakchik said...

Stylomom - you already done it? hey... I don't even know... I want to see it. Now I'm going to your blog.

kakchik said...

Asha - that chocolates are for energy, hehehe especially when I have lots of work and no time to rest. A kind of emergency supplement.

kakchik said...

Sasha - I don't care whether its spooky or not, I want to see what's inside... can laaaaa. Thanks for the compliment for my abaya, hehe and the choc is for ME, my energy booster. Hahahaha, I always carry that scissor around, it's a multiple tools, safety tools too.

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum kak chik,

I'm just amazed that you can fit all those in!

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Hajar. Believe it sis! And there's still some space left for a book/novel.

Hiyabi.A.Fajirah said...

love this post Kakchik! u could not believe how many thing do i have on mine...i'm a working mum so i have tons of pendrives and diapers all over lol!!! Just love it lol...xoxo

kakchik said...

Dear Hiyabi, thanks sis. I think I can imagine how big your bag is. I do have pendrives but I prefer to store them in the laptop bag because along with my handbag I also carry the laptop bag everywhere I go. If you're okay, could you do this tag? I'd like to see what's your bag looks like and of course the contents.

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