Apr 3, 2009

Salam Jumaat from Kelantan

Assalamualaikum to all my friends all over the world and my visitors who happens to accidentally visit this blog. Peace and happiness for all of you. Today is Friday or Jumaat to all Muslims. It's my weekend day and the best day that I always like.

This is what you can experience in my city center on Friday:

Early morning Friday religious lectures in the middle of the city center. Usually there will be 2 lectures starting from 8.00 am until 10.30 am. The first lecture would be presented by one of the State's EXCO members or the ADUN (Community Leaders) and the second lecture would be presented by the Chief Minister himself (picture above). Right now I think the second lecture was just starting and will be finished by 10.30 am. It's always a good lecture for me. There are mix of every issues but always referring to the Qur'an, the Hadith and the Seerah of the Prophets with simple yet meaningful anecdotes and jokes here and there.

Kelantanese are listening to the lecture attentively.

This is what I love when the State Government put Islam at the top of everything. Although I may say that not all the people like it but a lot of good has happen to the people of Kelantan. This is the government who always think about the Hereafter in everything that it does. I hope people can stop saying that religion and politics cannot mix. The Kelantan State Government is trying to do its best in everything although the budget is limited and discrimations (Kelantanese knows about this). I will do my best to help this Government to stay in power. Enough said.

Solat hajat or Nafl prayer to ask Allah to bless this state, it's government and it's people. All of us prayed on the road under the sunny sky.

Well, it's part of what happen today in the Kota Bharu city center that I couldn't be part of because tomorrow morning I'll be sitting for my first exam paper. And here I am sitting on my chair writing this post but couldn't watch the live streaming from Kota Bharu because no LIVE streaming for today and trying to finish revising my module.

All the best to me, hehehe. Bye for now.


Zamani84 said...

Ni rindu nak balik lampung nih

♥miss zaza♥ said...

wishing u the very best of luck kak chik ;)

jwb exam baek2!

xuen adyla said...

wish that all will turn great

pray that god will bless

Nur said...

Selamun aleykum!
thanks for your words
I know now malaysian words :)
I hope everything is good in your life sis!

BARAN said...

salams kak chik.I wish you can answer your exams very well.Ameen ya rabbal 'alamin..and wil get result with flying colours. insyaAllah

Stylomom said...

Salam Chik.. does this happen every Friday in KB? I never saw that..but of course the last time I was in Kelantan was donkey years ago... Lepas prayers, lepah ceramah, ada kasi make dok?

kakchik said...

zamani - kalau ada kemampuan baliklah lepaskan rindu, kalau tak mampu blh dgr kuliah secara online di www.kelantan.tv

kakchik said...

miss zaza - thank you sis, amin.

kakchik said...

daer xuen - i'll second that & thanks

kakchik said...

Nur - you are welcome sis and thank you.

kakchik said...

dik baran - syukran jazilan and i'm hoping to do same too, alhamdulillah i think this morning paper was quite okay.

kakchik said...

Wkslm Stylomom. Yes, the kuliah is held every Friday except for week before and after Raya. It's usually 2 ceramah and prayers once in a while but sorry no makan-makan because all around the place are small immediate shops selling all kinds of things. If you're here, I can bring you there.

Norsiah Mohamed Asni said...

Hello KakChik , I would like to ask you.. Is that Nik Aziz, PAS political leader?

kakchik said...

Yes, Norsiah, he is.

Zamani84 said...

"zamani - kalau ada kemampuan baliklah lepaskan rindu, kalau tak mampu blh dgr kuliah secara online di www.kelantan.tv"

Thank You

kakchik said...

You are welcome Zamani.

p/s: you have the same name as my youngest brother

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