Apr 27, 2009

Today's Outfit

It's hot this days but I still wear the black abaya to work. My sister said that I'm crazy because it's almost 38 degrees out there. But for me it's nothing! Because I'm used to it. Only that I choose an abaya from a lighter material like the one in the set.

Do you still remember this abaya? I bought it last month or last two months at a shop in Billion Shopping Centre. And I just discovered that it's also stocked by an online boutique called Multi Top Shops (this abaya pic is credit from them). You can see their link under ABAYA lists at the lower sidebar.

Isn't it pretty? I wore wedges too, also black but not the one in the set. It's bought at Bata. Well, don't forget that I'm a niqabi but I don't put any niqab in the set. Never mind.

That's all for tonight.


xuen adyla said...

i love the scarf so nice

and wedges rocks!

kakchik said...

xuen, i agree but i've never try it because to stylish for me, hehehe. is that means you like wedges too?

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