Apr 2, 2009

Where did I bought my abayats?

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon dear friends. How's the weather at your place? Right now it looks sunny outside after quite a heavy downpour this morning. I hope the day will continue to be sunny because I'm going shopping with my sister. Actually I was booked to be her driver and have to accompany her to the mall although I don't have anything that to buy and just would like to release some tension before my exam.

While waiting for her to get finish dressing, I'd like to share some info with you about the shop that I frequent this past 2 weeks to buy my abayats. It is called KF Collection. Kelantanese who frequents Billion Shopping Centre would definitely know this shop.

Ops! She's finish. Got to go. I'll continue when I'm back.


xuen adyla said...

i would like to ask whats the difference between abaya and niqab

juz wondering i dont really understand

sayyidah nafisah said...

HOh, x pnh tau pun though saya study kat usm kelantan ni ha..boleh la pi..hihi.because I suddenly fall in love with that all abaya stuff

kakchik said...

my dear xuen,
abaya is a kind of loose jubah or long dress which usually is black in colour.
while niqab is the cloth that is use to cover your face or any kind of face veil.
you can see from my pictures that shown me wearing this abaya but I also have colourful flowery abayas which commonly called maxi in KB and the niqab is my hijab with the face veil.
I hope my explanation can help you.

kakchik said...

sayyidah, kalau dah di husm tu, boleh la gi cari kat Billion tu. seronok pakai abaya ni.


betul3....ayooni pon dah pakai abaya 3 yrs ago alhamdulillah rasa dah tak nak cabot dah! kalau berjalah di public tu rasa secure :)

kakchik said...

you are right ayooni.

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