May 29, 2009

Hijab for my sisters & mom

Assalamualaikum and salam Jumuah, everyone. Peace and blessings of Allah to all of you for being such a good friend, readers and my visitors to this blog. Since yesterday I was only blogwalking to some blogs without writing any new updates.

Actually I'm participating in the State Bookfair and my life is kind of jumbling around 5 different places: home-library-bookshop-bookfair-university and all that made me quite drain when I get home every night. I did managed to update one of my blogs but I feel quite sad for neglecting this one.

Now, yesterday as it happened I was in town to attend to a few personal and business task. While bringing along one of my niece, I have to circle around town twice before i get a parking space. Hmm... our town is getting pack when weekend is coming. At the same time there was a Mega Sale Carnival so close to my parking. My niece was begging me to buy her pizza and I managed to bought 2, one regular and the other big.

In the hot wheater, we walked to Dinie Amudi Enterprise to buy some hijabs. Actually my sister asked me to buy them for her. She's one busy O & G doctor who got no time to shop. If she's home, it's time with the kids and sleeping.

So, I bought 10 hijabs, 7 for her, 2 for her daughters and 1 for me. Below is the pic of 6 of her hijabs. They are all 58 inches, a bit smaller than mine.

The green one is mine. Look at the differences in size. Mine is as usual, 60 inches wide. And it's very CHEAP!

Because there's some deformity on the threads. Anyway you can't see it after I styled it on my head.

That's how big my hijab is after you folded it twice.

Compare it to this one, way smaller. Oh, this one is FOR SALE! My sister does not want this one so... anyone interested? It's only RM17.00.

The hijab brand is AKEL. The material is REALLY SOFT. My favourite material so far.

And lastly, my latest pic wearing one of my newest hijab.

By now. I've got to go to the bookfair.


ellen557 said...

That hijab looks beautiful on you, Kakchik!
I wish I stocked up on hijabs when I was in Malaysia, but all I could find were al-amiras :S

Coffee Catholic said...

The stripes look lovely as niqab!!

Oh, Kak Chick! I've caught your cold. uuuugh

ayscha said...

Dear sis..

Kat sana ada pashmina tak? Saya minat sgt dgn pashmina..

Anyway,those hijabs are so nice! love it! =)

Oh, and I link you from my blog ya? Its in "Hijabi Fashionista" section.. =)

kakchik said...

Thanks ellen557. I think even you will look beautiful wearing it. I'm so sorry to hear that. Yeah, nowadays more people are turning to al-amiras but personally I don't really fancy them. Next time you come here, please extend your visit to Kota Bharu Islamic City and I can help you find lots of hijabs.

kakchik said...

Michelle, I was thinking of giving you one of the newest hijab. If you could have a look at my previous post, could you choose one that you like.
And sorry for infecting you, this flu virus can really osmosis through this laptop screen.

kakchik said...

dear ayscha,

pashmina pun ada cuma kakchik tak ambil peduli sangat sebab jarang pakai. kakchik ada 3 helai pashmina yg dibeli kat bandar. cantik.

terima kasih ya. nanti kakchik letak link ayscha kat Acquaintances ya.

fareee said...

salam kak chik..
i have recently started to become ur avid fan.hehe it is so refreshing to see someone with niqab and it touches my heart so deeply.
im currently in oversea studying medicine and will get back msia in it possible for ur sister one day to blog or even maybe e-mail me on how her experience as a doctor?on islamic views i mean.
banyak kawan saya yang blaja di malaysia perubatan,bile masuk operation je,sume bukak tudung dan pakai topi sahaja dan lengan pendek.terus x amik kisah hal aurat.sedih la saya.orang bertudung pandang ringan dengan hal tudung.takutla saya sebab mereka bukak tudung semata2 nak masuk operation.memang tak boleh ke pakai tudung?masyaAllah,kalau la cammtu,saya memang x ingin jadi doktor.saya memang nk menceburi bidang o&g tapi saya takut dengan jadi doktor,disebabkan oleh banyak sangat kesalahan agama,jadi doktor pun takkan dapat saya berada di ihsan Nya.
once again,i wish you cheery always and keep on writing. hopefully one day,i shall wear a niqab myself. and it is all thanks to you and your blog and of cos Him.salam..

Life's Balance Beam said...

I am a new reader and i just adore your blog mashaallah. im a sister from the states, and i would love to visit malaysia to shop for nice colors!! i cannot find ANY hijabs big like that. maybe one day you should sale some on your blog? i would be first inline!!! :D

If you ever do want to sale inshaallah please message my blog so that i will be informed because i need more hijabs to cover my chest better :D



pjs 4 ever said...

salam...kak chik, i like your,nice..also your blog..emmm, hopefully one day i can write, create a good blog..1 more, thanks 4 da info..hijab's shop..wish my dream come true..have a muslimah shop

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