May 31, 2009

It's the Skirt Season

Assalamualaikum everyone. May all of you are always in peace and blessings from Allah Ta'ala. I'm a bit sleepy now maybe after I consumed a glass of vico (a cocoa mix). After trying to focus on my current project, translating a Malay yearly report into English, I think I'll take a short rest and play with Polyvore.

My current mood is SKIRT! So, I'm gonna put some sets that contain skirt in them. I don't have specific trend/occasion but just putting anything that comes to mind. Let's see those sets ok.

NO. 1

NO. 2

NO. 3

NO. 4

NO. 5

I know not all of us likes to wear skirt and prefers pants or jeans. What I'm saying is besides wearing the abaya, this is the UNDER THE ABAYA clothes for me. FYI I don't own any JEANS... LOL because I've never have the need to wear it. And I believe all the 8 girls in my family (my siblings, my mom and a SIL) do not own any jeans. Hehehe... we are a family of Malay Traditional Baju Kurung wearing girls. And of course SKIRTS.

Everyone can wear skirt because it is loose and comfy. Also, it can be styled to different occasion depends on the type of skirt that you can get. AND... get a LONG SKIRT not a knee-high skirt or anything shorter than that. To ensure that it can covers the aurah nicely, the material should be rather opaque. And match it with a loose long sleeves top which also falls below your bum.

That's it. My skirts sets.


Jana said...

They're all lovely mashallah; I adore floaty, breezy skirts for summer!

keranacinta said...

Salam'alaykum. Ahaa...Kak Nur suka blause dan skirt set no 1, no 2 dan no 4. Skirt & favourite.

modestlychic said...

Ohh! I love that black skirt pairing with the pink blouse.

UniMuslimah said...

Ohhh, masha'Allah- I love the second and fifth ones best! :D The colours on the first one are also lovely.

Personally I prefer skirts to pants anyway- although I do love to wear jeans underneith my abayas and sometimes under my skirts as well (depends on how much running I need to do).


kakchik said...

Thanks Jana. Skirts are so ladylike, isn't it? And yes, comfortable for Summer.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam K.Nur. Dalam 5 set tu hok tu lah yg Chik paling suka jugak.

kakchik said...

modestlychic, that one looks suitable for a night events with friends.

kakchik said...

UniMuslimah, you must be someone who love pastel colors. Those sets that you like I think can make you look sweet and pretty.

Why do you need to run?

Hajar said...

Aww~ you make the loveliest sets~!!! Aih~ too bad I can't find those skirts!!! Oh wait ... I did get to buy one skirt ... finally! I guess it'd take me another year till I find another one. :P

kakchik said...

Hajar, thanks my friend. Finding the right skirt sometime's not easy especially when we have certain requirements and I think that's what happen to you and me too...

Hajar said...

Btw. I love set no 2. The skirt that I bought? It's similar to the one in set no 5. :)

UniMuslimah said...

Salaam alaikum,
I guess I like pastel colours. I really love earthy tones- greens, browns- I just think that they're stunning, even though usually I end up wearing black. XD

Normally I'm running when I need to catch a bus or I'm late to work. Also, at my work we have to climb in and out of the game booths (I work at a theme park for the summer) so pants are a necessity- though normally I don't wear jeans to work. :)


kakchik said...

Hajar - oh, you've got a flowery skirt... that one looks very sweet

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam UniMuslimah. Abaya lovers always end up wearing black but underneath we can always play with colors.
Ooo... so that's why you need to run a lot. Looks like one exciting job to me. I've only been to a theme park once and it was quite fun.

Vanilla Van Lieberlein said...

salam kak chik..

with this combinations , we muslimah rocks!!! membuktikan menutup aurat itu can be something fun . bukan menayang badan to be beautiful ..

tapi sayang nye kakak , setengah lelaki merasakan perempuan yang menutup aurat itu berpakaian seperti orang tua . sedih sekali.T_T

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