May 18, 2009

I Like These Hijab Styles

Assalamualaikum to all dear friends and visitors. Alhamdulillah, it is another cheerful morning although I'm a bit sad because I've just sent one of our maid (Bibik Aisyah) home to Medan this morning. She'll be home for 10 days to visit her sick Mom. I wonder how's my Mom's doing at home right now with an infant and 3 preschoolers. They're my nieces & nephews, staying at our family home. Mom is not in a very good health herself but she still insist on looking after the kids provided that my sisters lend her their maids. I hope she'll do fine with the help of Bibik Seri.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning one of my junk boxes, I found my long lost magazine of Hijab Styles which was published a few years ago. Alhamdulillah... I thought it was lost forever. There are a few styles that I find really hijab appropriate and aurah compliance. Here are two of them.

Sweet and lovely the way the model wrap her hijab. Would you be interested in trying this styles? I kind of captured the pic of every steps with my Canon iXus i7 and you can see them below.


You will need:
  1. a big long shawl/shayla preferably chiffon
  2. a matching underscarf
  3. brooches - 1 small 1 hijab pin


I'm sorry for the lack of explaination for each of the pic. I forgot to bring the mag to work and I can't explain by myself. For now, just try to figure out yourself. Insya-Allah I'll update this afternoon with them.



*~Ange~* said...

i love them! i love how they are stylish yet so modest and cover the chest properly. they are truly beautiful!

kakchik said...

you are RIGHT ange. because of that criterias, i like them too.

Tautan_Hati said...

bidadari dari timur pun dah habis
dah cari sumer kedai buku...tak ada

Maryam said...

They cover up the right area and look very pretty.

JazakAllah Khair sis =)

I really like your blog ;D

xuen adyla said...

it look so nice
but for now at my place non are ready made like they had in the mag

Jana said...

I really like the second style. What's this magazine called?

BARAN said...

Salams Kak Chik. I wore like the 1st style at my last conference. It does look Almost the same though.

kakchik said...

nurzy, kena tunggu cetakan kedua la nampaknya tu

kakchik said...

Dear Maryam, thanks sis. Really appreciate it. Insya-Allah I'll try my best to share interesting Muslimah fashion. Please come again.

kakchik said...

xuen, personally i don't like the ready made one but you can usually find them at boutiques.

kakchik said...

Jana, the magazine is called 'Seleksi 88 Ikatan Tudung' which means 88 Selections of Hijab Styles. It's a compilation of hijab style section from a monthly magazine called NUR.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Baran, when you said that I think, yes, it looks the same with your white hijab that you wore with the abaya. Really elegant.

NiDa said...

oh how neat. I love the first one, I will try it out inshaAllah :) . Thanks for sharing dear. For the longest time i had issues accesing your blog, now alhamdolillah it's fine and I get to see the awsome hijab styles yaay :D.

annie said...

i like the first one, nice!! thank u for sharing =)

kakchik said...

NiDa, You are welcome sis. Looks like you are also have prob with my blog just like Ange and Megan. Hopefully, there's no more people having issues accessing this blog. Good luck in trying this new style!

kakchik said...

annie, u r welcome and welcome to kakchik's wardrobe

umm ruman said...

salam kak Chik,

I prefer the first picture because it's easy and you only need to have a hair pin to tuck it nicely on the side. One of my friend did taught me how to wear it.

Whereas the second one is not appropriate for my workplace..I guess dinner and special function would be alright. *to share you a story* In my previous school there's one teacher who loved to experiment with many types of ways wearing hijab and poor her..she's been laugh by the students and some other teachers whom might found it awkward.

Pity her, and shame on those who laugh.

kakchik said...

Wkslm kak azah.
Actually I like both styles but have never try them because that's not really me. i'm a more of a 'labuh' kind of hijab. But I think others can try them because they are still covering nicely. I prefer the first one more than the second too.

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