May 17, 2009

I need a new sandal

Assalamualaikum dear friends and visitors, may all of us are having the best time of our life and alhamdulillah that we can still breath the air and feel the wonders of Allah's creation.

It's another hot yet cloudy day here in Kota Bharu. From the side windows I can see our gardener is cutting the grass and cleaning the backyard of the Library. Smokes are coming out from a pile of rubbish that he's set on fire at one corner of the wide backyard. Hmm... he's not suppose to do that, I might have a talk with him later.

Ok, back to the topic above. My beloved sandal cannot fit my feet anymore. I don't know why. Feels like my feet is growing a bit. I always wear a size 4 sandals or shoes but this few days, my feet would be sore after using that sandal. So... I went looking for a nice new sandal. The one that is comfortable for my feet and looks nice. I did find a few interesting ones but none has size 4.

I really fell for this sandal from nautifit but it's a disappointment because they only have the last pair in size 5. Yes, it's the one that I tried. Even though I love it so much, I wouldn't buy it because it would be a waste. It's too big for my feet and can make me fall down.

It does look nicely fit in this pic because I push my foot to the front but there's almost 1 inch free space at the back. Not nice & not comfortable at all.

Looks like, I have to browse at another shop then. In this current mood, I don't think I'll be very fond of walking around anywhere even though I love shopping. Maybe I should look online.

Any suggestion for Malaysian Online Shoes Shops?


xoxo, nadia said...

Salam alaykum

My shoes never fit my feet properly ): It's so sad... I wouldnt dare buy shoes online.

Hope you find another pretty pair of sandals that fit you! Size 4 is so petite.

albelurani said...

kakchik, the white one is very nice....lagipun brand crocodile mmg puas hati pakai.eemmm....kaki agak mengembang ya....tanda2 org pregnant tu...

(normi...albelurani tu suami sy)

Coffee Catholic said...

I wish that I could find a pretty sandal that would fit my feet. Sandals are such lovely shoes!

Coffee Catholic said...

KakChik you should mail me the outline of your foot and I can search for a nice pair of shoes to put into your package with the hijab!

xuen adyla said...

hope u will find a new one kak chik
i pray u did

Asha said...

Size 4! Lol, no offence but you can try kids shoes then. Both my mom and sis wear size 4 shoes too and they would buy from kids section here (sports shoes usually) haha.. Can you imagine being in a store with them and trying out kids shoes? Lol

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam dear xoxo nadia, I hope so too but currently I don't have free time to go shopping maybe next week before my Bookfair. Hehehe size 4 is common in Kelantan. Women here have small feet.

kakchik said...

normi, yang putih tu ada tali dicelah ibu jari, I'm comfortable wearing that kind of sandals with stocking. my current sandal is crocodile too. hehehe yang last pasrt tu kena tengok dulu.

kakchik said...

CC, yeah... hope you'll find one. And that's too kind my friend, it's ok and I'm already so very grateful for your kindness. Don't trouble yourself, I know I'll find one soon.

kakchik said...

thanks dear xuen.

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