May 16, 2009

I bought the black one.

Assalamualaikum to all dear readers. May all of us are in good health and enjoying our weekend (although it's my working day).

Do you still remember the white dress that I've posted about it a week ago? Yes, the one I've mentioned here. Well, hehehe... I got me the BLACK ONE two days ago. I haven't decided yet whether I'll keep it or not. But if anyone interested to buy it from me I'm going to sell it at the same price I bought it. It's size 40 and there's a pic down below of me trying it out at the boutique.

The tunic and the matching skirt. My room was quite bright so the pic turn out to be like this. It's a beautiful black by the way.

The balloon sleeves is not really my type but this one is okay. Since the material of the cloth is quite sheer, it is layered nicely. There's a zipper at the left side of the tunic.

The sequins are not hand-sewn. It is already sewn by machine that produce the material. The PRICE is RM149. I wasn't planning to buy it but I did. This is my weakness. I can't turn down a beautiful dress which is MY SIZE and it's REALLY HARD TO FIND. Assume as an investment, hahaha.

This is how it looks like when I try it. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic. I used my Nokia 6120c to capture it and the mirror is not that clean too.



I WON AGAIN! This time for a 2nd Place. The contest was organized by Muslim Fashionista entitled ACTIVE FASHIONISTA! And this is my entry set.



Zamani84 said...

Sekali lagi, self reward :)
Zam pun sama, tak ada niat nak beli sesuatu brg tu tp kalau dah berkenan, beli je

nona said...

kakchik!it looks really2 nice on u!y do u want to sell it?i mean it.its really baju kurung with this design is hard to the so beautifull..
i fall in love with it but big 4 me s im wearing 36 size..
huishhh!so beautiful!

Stylomom said...

Chik Mek Molek sokmo baju tu.. boleh dok belike saya saiz besar, 42 atau 44? Mu boleh dok tanyo measurements saiz 44 or 42. Hambo bese tinggi... tolong boleh dok?

kakchik said...

Wkslm Zam, ha'ah ye lah tu, hehehe. Kakchik bukan kira berkenan je Zam tapi yang kakchik utamakan susah nak dapat saiz kecik. Selama ni semua baju, jubah & abaya dijahit sendiri atau tempah. Skrg terlalu sibuk mana sempat nak jahit, nak ke kedai menempah pun tak sempat.

kakchik said...

nona, pandai la dia... i want to sell it because i don't really need it. actually i'm wearing size 36-38 but this dress is rather small in cutting, that's why I can fit in. and... actually there're 3 layers of clothes that i'm wearing while snapping the pic.

*~Ange~* said...

wow it just looks like an abaya when worn! love the sleeves

kakchik said...

yes ange, that's another reason why i bought it

nona said...

sangat berkenanla kakchik...suke warne itam...n the puffy sleeve..
tp baju ni msti besar ek kalau kt nona..
saiz tu kire2 saiz ape ek?M or L ek?
haiihh gatal je tgn ni nak...

Coffee Catholic said...

Why is it hard to find clothes in your size? You look petite ~ is everything too big? I've never had luck finding clothing while in the middle east or Italy because the women are very petite. I'm very tall and not petite!

xuen adyla said...

wow omg u buy it..
wow wow wow wow
look so nice la
i want but i dont think i can wear it
so small kut

Asha said...

Wow very nice kakchik! It looks like a formal wear- that's something I would buy too! I like black with glitters haha..

Anyway, I really like the set as well.. and again (im like repeating myself), I would wear that too.. I am not very creative when it comes to sporty clothes. I would just grab trackies and some old loose top which always makes me look like a drab. Thanks, I shall try something out using the ideas from your set! :)

kakchik said...

nona, kakchik ni selalu pakai saiz 38 tapi baju ni saiz 40 tu elok-elok je dgn kakchik. rasanya biasa2 ukurun baju 40 = M

kakchik said...

CC, I'm small and petite and local's ready made dresses seldom have the right size for me which is SX @ SS @ 38. When I say dresses I mean abaya, jilbab or traditional dress, baju kurung. I either sew them myself or order from my dressmaker. If you think Middle East women are petite, I don't know what would you say if you see me, LOL. For me MI women are BIG.

kakchik said...

xuen, yeah... I have to eat my words back. I'm only 150cm and the skirt needs to be hike up a bit to make it look nice like in the pic. And if I want to be really comfortable wearing it I think I need the shoulder padding because I'm a bit on a skinny side. so... if you are slightly bigger than me, I think you'd fit it.

kakchik said...

Asha, I was thinking the same thing too. Like youcan wear it to weddings, dinner or formal events at the office. Black with glitters looks elegant isn't it?

For that sporty set, I kind of imitating my attire when I go to a gym. Of course I wear abaya on top of the clothes.

kakchik said...

Stylomom, sorry for missing your comment. Ada saiz 44 warna purple, cantik juga, lupa nak ambil gambar. Nanti chik tanya measurementnya.

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