May 7, 2009

I Love That White Dress!

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning everyone!

It's a bright and cheerful day so far.

I'm still at home but will go out in a while to visit two friends to discuss about our presentation for this coming Muktamar. My job would be attending the technical tasks and also making a short montage for the opening ceremony. Before I get myself ready why don't we look at this beautiful dresses. The one that really caught my eyes is the WHITE ONE.

It 's PURE WHITE and really suitable for a NIKAH ceremony. It looks simple yet very elegant and sweet. I was dreaming of wearing it, only that I'm already married, LOL.

However that Balinese Kebaya beside it is also beautiful although it's not to my taste. I'm not fond of Kebaya which is very body-fitting and has sheer sleeves. Well, one can still wear it if it's looser and the sleeves are layered inside.

But, my eyes really fell for this WHITE DRESS. Look at the sequines... I know, the dress is just a simple 2-piece MINI-KURUNG but.... it's LOVELY. I wish I could buy it and wear it for HARI RAYA (Eid). I wish...


A close-up on the details on the skirt. Simply gorgeous!

And it's ONLY RM140.00! Reasonably priced. If they have a size SX or SS, I'm sure to persuade dear Hubby to buy it for me, hehehe. Early Raya present.


xuen adyla said...

wow so nice la..
kak chik i wants one please

zaza said...

kakchik boleh tahu kat kedai mana ni? cantik sangat :D

kakchik said...

xuen, do you really mean it?

kakchik said...

zaza, blh beli kat kedai yang kakchik beli abaya kat atas Billion. KF Enterprise

Adawiyah said...

The white dress is simply gorgeous. The kebaya doesn't appeal to me though. But I like its red hue...

aliya said...

Assalamualaikum kakchik,
Love the white one too! I like bright colours, and don't really bother what people think of me in bright red or bright yellow, hahaha.
Just a thought. Perhaps you'd take another look at the advertisement -kariza- at the bottom of this blog, and decide if it's suitable for this blog?

kakchik said...

Yes Adawiyah, simple and gorgeous. I like that red dress but would never wear one.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Kak Aliya.
Everyone has their own colour preference. It's ok with me as long as it covers the aurah.
Thanks for the kind thought kak, actually it's auto generate by Advertlets. It will change with other adverts. I was waiting for someone to mention about it and you are the one. I'm trying to change it but still nothing happens.

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

cantiknya yg putih tu!!
really love it!waaa~hehe.
ada size brape ek kat situ kakchik?
kalau balik klate, for sure nak singgah. hehe.

kakchik said...


kakchik pun tak pasti saiz apa yang ada, lupa nak tanya tn kedai semalam. insya-Allah bila dapat maklumatnya kakchik update posting ni.

xuen adyla said...

i mean it..
hahah but so expensive la..
i can dream of wearing it..
thanks for asking anyway..

go buy that dress kak chik and wear on raya

that would look awesome on u

Stylomom said...

Salam Chik... takpelah tak ada size, you beli kemudian alter kecilkan... masalah saya dengan jubah atau baju kurung ready made, semua pendek, its hard to find 60" and in size M...I usually have to get XXL, for length and then alter the whole body of the baju to make a size M, sayang tapi apa boleh buat, semua size kat sini pendek.hehe

xara said...

macam baju nikah la kak chik..hehe

kakchik said...

dear xuen,
that dress is costly for me too that's why I won't buy it.
i'll be dreaming about it too i think, lol.

kakchik said...

Wkslm dear Stylomom.
malas benar kalau beli baju kena alter, takde masa, hehehe. patutla stylomom jahit sendiri baju2 ya. chik pun sama kak, susah kalau beli baju siap mesti takde saiz. kali ni bernasib baik ada abaya saiz SX, memang elok2 je dgn badan chik. tak pernah lagi dpt macam ni.

kakchik said...

xara, memang kakchik dah sebut kan, sesuai untuk majlis akad nikah, hehehe.

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