May 7, 2009

My Niqab - This is how it's done.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Dear friends,
at last, I managed to take all this pictures and edited them, just for you. It's not that easy to set the camera on self-timer and then posed in front of it. Really awkward and quite tedious.

However, promise is a promise and it is wajib to be fulfilled. So... let's see the step by step of putting the hijab until it can be twisted to make a niqab.

1 - Take a big 60" square hijab and fold it like this:

2 - Pin it under your chin and make sure one side is 1/3 shorter than the other.

3 - Pull the longer side to the opposite side

4 - Pull it up on top of your head and...

5 - pull until the end of that side is like how I show in this picture.

6 - Then use a safety pin or any cute pin (like the one I'm using) to pin the hijab a little bit above your ear or a bit lower than you eye level.

6a - Be careful

7 - See the pin there and to form a niqab, just do it like this. Sorry, I don't know how to explain it.

7a - Pull it to the other side. Make sure it's a bit looser to avoid suffocation (hehehe, never experience it).

8 - It will look like this at the other side.

8a - Use a straight pin and push it there to secure your niqab. Please be careful.

9 - It's finish but I just want to show you that there's some space for air to cool your face because wearing this style is different from a half niqab.

10 - There... I'm done!

11 - This is how it looks like at the back. This is my sister being my model for my first attempt of making this post. I forgot to snap a pic of me in this pose yesterday.

I hope all who have been asking me about this will be satisfied. I took all the picture yesterday in my office during my rest time and edited some of them just now. It's so easy for me since the first time I wear this style two years ago. I hope you can try it too. Good luck!


Khazinatul_Asrar said...

MashaAllah kakchik!
saya dah lama sbnrnya nak mntk kakchik ajarkan pakai tdg mcm kakchik pakai tu. Tup2, hari ni kak chik buat. Wut a suprise!hehe . Thx anyway ;)

ops, kat blkg tu camne bentuknya ye? sbb tkut jgk singkat :) . Kalau xkeberatan kakchik tunjuk gmbr dari blkg yea. Xbleh xpe je ;)

Asha said...

Salaam Kakchik,

Lol,I'll never be able to do a nice one like yours! I tried before and I suffocated myelf halfway haha. Ok, need more practise :)

kakchik said...

Terima kasih ya Khazinatul. Tak sangka bertambah sorang lagi yang berminat.

Gambar dari belakang kakchik dah letak tadi. Sebenarnya kakchik lupa nak ambil gambar semalam, so pakai gambar adik.

Labuh bahagian belakang bergantung kepada saiz lipatan bahagian dalam. Kalau besar, belakang akan jd singkat sikit.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Asha.

Don't worry, practice makes perfect right. Soon you'll get the hang of it. I just practice once from my own imagination and alhamdulillah, it turn out fine.

xuen adyla said...

wow amazing..
and look so nice
someday i give it a try..

kak chik thanks

milla said...

Slm Chik,
oooo....mcm tu yer. very interesting, hmmm...tetiba rasa diri ini terlalu kerdil dan byk kekurangan..

Coffee Catholic said...

So that's how you do that with a square hijab!

Now you must tell us how you made your face glow white in those first few pictures haha!

Sasha said...

nice tutorial... dah lama tunggu kakchik ajar teknik pemakaian niqab ni... mana kakchik belajar yea?...

kakchik said...

You are welcome xuen. Yes, give it a try k.

kakchik said...

Wkslm kmilla. Ha'ah gitu je caranya, senang je. Mudahnya akak tersentuh, tentu jiwa akak lembut.

kakchik said...

Dear Coffee Catholic,
Firtsly, thanks for dropping by.
Secondly, yep, actually you can do a lot of thing with that big square hijab.
Thirdly, that's a big SECRET that I cannot share because... I'm afraid my beauty secret will be commercialized. LOL

kakchik said...

Terima kasih Sha. Takde belajar dengan sesapa. Memang kakchik pandai2 sendiri je.

Awrapurnama said...

salam kenal yer..

cantik! tp mcm confuse j tgk..
nnt org cube..

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Awrapurnama. Cuba tengok dari awal insya-Allah tak confuse. Senang je.

malizea said...

MASHALLAH thanks for this tutorial I'll try it today inchallah!!!!

Coffee Catholic said...

I hope you don't mind but I've linked to this post on my hijab blog. I think this kind of niqab will be less terrifying to folk then the half-niqab. I'm wearing hijab but not 100% of the time... people get freaked. But I'm working on my courage.

My new hijab blog is private so I don't have men seeing my pictures. Plus my husband likes it to be private. If you or any of your readers would like to join you could send your email and I'll add you to the list. BUT!!! At the moment my email is not working so if you don't get a reply right away, that is why! Here is the email and blog address:

(yes, there are 2 rr's in that!)

Thanks for the tutorial! I have always tried to make a naqib from a square hijab but it never worked!

kakchik said...

You are welcome dear malizea. Can I have a look at how it turn out for you? Share a pic maybe.

kakchik said...

Dear Coffee Catholic,
No, I don't mind at all.
Yes, sister, that's what I thought when I invent this style. I thought since I'm in a corporate world, wearing the hijab-niqab like this would be more welcoming and yes it did.
I did try to visit your blog then I know it's private. I'd love to be able to read it. Insya-Allah I'll send a request email.
Your husband does what's good for you. My husband allows me to show my pic, only in hijab & niqab as a means for good example of a Muslimah. That's the secret behind the 'white beauty glow'. LOL.
You are welcome, sis. I'm glad that the tutorial can be a help to you.

Coffee Catholic said...

I looove the "white beauty glow" LOL!!!

kakchik said...

Coffee Catholic, I have to laugh with you.

Kitty Pryde said...

Salam Kak Chik,

Oooo so that's how you do it! *kagum kagum*

Cool la Kak Chik. My cousins usually pakai niqab yang ada butang metal, jahit kat tepi muka purdah derang... errr camane nak cakap eh? Takut org lain tak faham baca ni.

Anyway when they wan2 put their niqab on they just press the niqab against their hijabs and the buttons do the job.

ANd whenever I wonder abt how hot they must be, they will ALWAYS say... "Its much hotter in hell!!" and by the twinkle in their eyes I know they're teasing me.

I love my cousins.

Coffee Catholic said...

Ok, I've been practicing this with square scarves for days and my fingers are full of holes from stabbing myself with pins!!!! I also tried this with a thin shayla scarf and it worked beautifully! (And gave me more holes in my fingers...) I cannot wrap the scarf around ~ my head is too big. So I make the niqab at stage 3.

I have some photos! But I wont get them onto disk until wednesday. Meanwhile I'll take more niqab photos with my favorite scars. (I'll hide my bleeding fingers.)

I love this idea because I can make niqab with my colorful, funky scarves!!!

The fogging of the glasses continues! Arrrrrg.

I've yet to attain the White Beauty Glow... hehehehe

kakchik said...

Kitty Pryde, thanks. Dulu kakchik pun ada jahitkan butang macam tu tapi telah merosakkan banyak helai tudung labuh kakchik terutama bila butang dah makin lusuh & berkarat.
Bila kita dah biasa, kita tak akan rasa panas sama juga dgn pengalaman memakai hijab kan. Sepupu Kitty tentu org yg istiqomah dlm memakai niqab.

kakchik said...

Dear Michelle, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope the holes do not bleed you to death. Did it hurt you so much? I've only prick my fingers a few times but now, it's very easy to do it. I'll be waiting to see those pic in My Hijab. Maybe you can do this hijab-niqab using the shayla. Find a big one.
About that fogging, you just have to improvise a bit so that there's more breathing space in front of your nose.
And I don't think you need that beauty glow, you are already so fair & lovely.

Coffee Catholic said...

Fair skin is ok until you're in the hot sun. Then you turn RED!!!!! When I lived in Bahrain I had lovely golden brown skin on my face and my hands and the rest of me was as white as your beauty glow LOLOL!! It was an interesting contrast!

I'm not stabbing my fingers with pins as much now. I guess I'm getting the knack!! I've been taking lots of photos!

kakchik said...

dear CC, LOL that was funny indeed. you paint a vivid picture and it makes me laugh.

Sahara-Henna said...

salam alaikum. i luv ur style wallah. i prefer too to wear hijab as niqab. inshallah i ll try it like u. oh i wish i could get such beautiful abayas like u *dreaming*.
wa salam

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Sahara-Henna.
Thank you sis for liking it. Good luck in your attempt and I hope that you'll manage to do it nicely.
There are so many beautiful abayas around but most are a bit costly. Why don't you custom made them?

nurain vivian said...

salam,kak chik!!
menarik dan amat berguna apa yg akak cuba sampaikan disini.

ain kagum kerana akak sudi berkongsi disini,tq kak!!

Unknown said...

salam kakcik!
terima kasih sudi kongsi :))

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