May 8, 2009

A New Niqabi Friend

Assalamualaikum to all my dear readers.

It' a another beautiful night here. The night air is so nice and refreshing after a little rain just now. I like the smell of the air after it rains. If I stand outside my door, I could feel the cool air touches my skin smoothly like whispers. Oh, so wonderful!

I'm reading How Starbucks Saved My Life and just taking a short rest from the book. A very interesting read. Once you start, you need to get going until the end. This is one of the books that I get hooked instantly.

Since I'm resting, let's enjoy some pictures of my new friend, Adawiyah Juzailah. She's a new revert and still studying in a local college university. I like the way she combine her niqab with a different color/printed hijab. One would think that she looks like the heroine of Ayat-Ayat Cinta.

Here goes...

She looks really great in that abaya with a black niqab and a printed shawl and she's a scout too! The first girl scout that I know wears a niqab.

She knows how to have some fun with her friends while being confident in asking question during a national forum (was reported in a local newspaper).

With her friends in her class. She's different and she's brave. From my own experience, it's not easy to wear niqab in class in our local universities. You can even be suspended from classes if you do not take off your niqab. That's how Islamic the local universities are during my days.

That's it!


xuen adyla said...

wow she is so beautiful

yes i agree with u on how islamic local universities are

i was once ordered to take out my scarf

i was so offended that i went home and cried.. it was the beginning of me to wear a scarf

luckily my dad and few others tell them etc

Adawiyah said...

Salam Kak Chik,

Some people told me that my black niqab is a huge contrast to my hijab but I'm comfortable with only black niqabs (they don't get dirty easily). Haha.

Thanks for this post. =)

Coffee Catholic said...

How sad that you can be ordered to remove your niqab and hijab scarf!!

It must be lovely to make friends with another woman that wears niqab. I have no chance of that here!

I love your blog!

Asha said...

Salaam Kakchik,

Wow, I'm surprised that certain universities in Malaysia don't even allow hijaab as well? That is strange :S What is the point then in trying to become an islamic country when hijaab even cannot be established properly in schools.

Asha said...

and oh, I forgot to add lol. MasyaAllah she looks lovely in the pictures! I think she is quite an inspirational person too~ We can see that niqaab doesnt restrict someone from doing anything.. So cool! Thanks for sharing kakchik

Nur Amirah said...

She's so lovely...Mashaallah... I cried reading her blog. She's such a strong girl!

kakchik said...

xuen, they did that to you? how could they! i'm so sorry dear. it is our rights to wear what ever we want. there're so many double standard in this country.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Ada,

Although it so contrast but it really looks good on you. And I have to agree with you there, black clothes really doesn't get dirty easily or it gets dirty but not easily seen, hehehe. And just be yourself as long as you cover your aurah and comfortable with the way you are.

kakchik said...

Dear Coffee Catholic,
That's the truth, sis! In this so called 'MUSLIM' country double standard is still everywhere especially towards Muslim women who observed full hijab and niqab. I was advised to open my veil during my classes and I would be barred from my exam if I disobey. I so envy niqabis who are able to wear it in university's compound. Yes, I'm so glad to have more friends and if she's also a niqabi, that would be a bonus. Thanks sis for your interest with my blog.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Asha. It is a sad truth that was not known by outsiders. IMHO, this government is one hypocrite government. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. I won't say more than that because it's the problem of our country that we are trying to change. Insya-Allah when the Ulama' is in power, like in Kelantan, we will see a better Malaysia with a just tolerance to all religion and it's followers.
Regarding Adawiyah, yep, she's cool! I hope she read your comment.

kakchik said...

Nur Amirah, I agree with you sis although I don't cry but my heart feel like bursting with pride to know a person like her. May Allah bless her and guide her to be a better Muslimah. We, the born Muslim should have been better than her. I'm ashamed.

Coffee Catholic said...

So true what this post shows about how a woman can still live life to the fullest while living hijab! Do you have coloured naqib available? I just bought one that is burgundy. But I'll never get to wear it ~ it's wishful thinking.

Coffee Catholic said...

Sorry, I had to drop everything because the baby was yelling.

I wanted to say that because of Muslim women's blogs I've been so inspired to adopt more and more of a hijabi lifestyle. Non-Muslims tend to think that the naqib and scarf are "Just Muslim" but women of all faiths from all over the world all through time have upheld hijab. It's written on our hearts!

I keep blabbing about my own hijab blog because it's private so I have to tell people to email me. But I set up that blog because I'm so inspired! Thank you all of you brave Muslim women! Maybe my fellow Christians will become brave again...

kakchik said...

Dear Coffee Catholic, yes. My intention in publishing this post is to show that as a fully covered Muslimah, we still can do a lot of things that we enjoyed. Our clothes are not a restriction but it's liberating.

Frankly speaking you are my first Christian friend who are so open to hijab & niqab, I'm honored to know that about that, sis.

Thanks to you too for being inspired by us and I pray that you and other Christians would become brave too.

Insya-Allah, I'm sending my email now for admission to your hijab blog. I'd love to read it.

Coffee Catholic said...

The thing is, Christian women *always* covered their heads. They still do in every other part of the world except the West. And now "modern" women behave as if those of us that still wear hijab (of whatever style) are somehow totally weird. But what is weird is the lack of hijab! This is something new and it goes against thousands of years of tradition. Hijab is written on women's hearts!

Well, there are still many Christians that wear hijab in the West ~ but they are treated like freaks. When in fact, what is freaky is to go about half-dressed.

Women say that hijab is "old fashioned" but how can something that is *still* being used today nearly everywhere else in the world be yesterday's news?? Hijab is still the modern "fashion"! It is present-day and has been with women since the beginning of time.

So in reality I'm a Christian woman that is merely returning to what always was. I told my husband the other day, "People say that I 'look Muslim' because in the West it's mostly only Muslim women that continue to wear hijab. But if these same people travelled around the world they would find many, many Christian women wearing hijab just like the Muslim women! It's not just 'a Muslim thing'!"

I think for some reason this is what holds hijab-minded Christian women back. They think that they will 'look Musilm' ~ but who cares?? We're all supposed to wear hijab and 'look Muslim'!!! And if we did then we'd all look like hijabis without any Religion labels! We'd just be hijabis!

I tried making naqib with my square hijab. What a hilareous adventure!! I have an ENORMOUS head! (I am white but I also belong to the Crow Indian tribe... Crow Indian women are HUGE) So I was unable to wrap the scarf around my head ~ I had to try and make niqab without wrapping. It was difficult at first to get the pin right so that the fabric didn't go over my eyes.

Question: How in the WORLD do you wear niqab **without fogging up your glasses**?? Every time I breathe, my glasses become covered with my breath!!

God bless!!! I love your blog! I'm going to add you as an author to mine because you just have such COOL things to share!

Coffee Catholic said...

P.S. I want so much to wear niqab but I'm not sure if my husband is open to it. Maybe he won't mind if we are away from our island where no one knows us?

The reason I have to make the private blog is because local people read my blog but then they **follow me** to all of the blogs I read and then read my comments on those blogs. Then they harass me for everything I say!!! They even sent a woman to my house once!! I live in a place where people are VERY friendly ... as long as you conform. Otherwise you're treated like some kind of major threat... it's so confusing! If had had worn niqab when I first ever came here then maybe that would have worked. But I did not have the courage then. Now such a change... well, pray for me! Maybe God will open doors? **HUGS**

aliya said...

So the two of you have become online friends? Alhamdulillah, hehehee..I'm glad :)

Kitty Pryde said...

Kak Chik,

GO Kak Chik GO!

I admire you for wearing the niqab.. actually this is my 5th year of wearing hijab....

I'm glad that I did, and yes, honestly, like you, I feel more FREE and liberated with it!!

I can go anywhere, do mostly anything and not be wondering if men/boys are looking at me or whatever. In fact, I think I am ignored now by them because of my hijab.

Unless we're in a discussion or something, and they suddenly seem to see me. But that's fine.

Maybe one day I will be brave enough to wear the niqab.


kakchik said...

Thanks Coffee Catholic! That was a good info and it certainly broaden my knowledge about Christian women. That's interesting! I have always seen on TV especially in Korean and Philippine's movies, Christian women cover their hair with a white cloth when they enter a church but seldom saw this practice in the West. If all those women understand the concept of hijab like you, I think this world would be better socially. Well, there's nothing wrong in hoping isn't it?

About fogged glasses, hehehe, once in a while I do encounter this especially when I'm in a hurry and tend to sweat so much but most of the time it's ok. The secret is you need to make sure the niqab has some breathing space in front of your nose.

All the things that you've been saying if I didn't know you better, I would say, you are a Muslimah who is planning and hoping to observed hijab & niqab to please her God (Allah) because that's what the best intention is when we observed hijab & niqab, to please Allah.

May Allah helps you in whatever good you're doing either to yourself, your family and to other people as well. Be brave for your belief and one day soon people will be more knowledgeable & understanding about hijab.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Kak Aliya.
Yes Kak, alhamdulillah... we're more interactive in facebook than here. Thanks for introducing us.

kakchik said...

Thanks dear Kitty Pryde,
Masha-Allah sis! I think you have become stronger in your faith after you observed hijab and it looks like your understanding of the meaning of hijab is good which make you feel that way. Alhamdulillah.
May Allah bless you & may your wish come true.

Coffee Catholic said...

Kitty Pryde wrote: "I'm glad that I did, and yes, honestly, like you, I feel more FREE and liberated with it!!"

So true about hijab and niqab! I wrote in a comment on my blog: "It has always amazed me how the niqab, rather then making a woman invisible as the critics claim, makes women so very DIGNIFIED!"

I love hijab. It has saved me from hating myself ~ when I wear hijab I feel as if I have been set free from judgement. I am beautiful in hijab, but not in the way that the secular world defines "beautiful" but in a deeper, more real sense: I feel the beauty and dignity of being a woman, created by God. Not a lowly sexual **object** to be gawked at by men and criticized by women! Which is what happens when women abandon hijab. They become mere objects. If only more women realized how hijab would liberate them!

Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if Christian women in the West returned to hijab?? It is true that so many of our modern problems began to consume the West once hijab was abandoned. Now the "popular culture" is one that is based solely on judging fellow human beings by what they look like. That, and living to satisfy desire and not God. :-(

"All the things that you've been saying if I didn't know you better, I would say, you are a Muslimah who is planning and hoping to observed hijab & niqab to please her God (Allah)...."

....Seriously, when a Muslim and a Catholic practice their faith with truth... we are very nearly exactly the same! There are too many misunderstandings of our two faiths. And then, there is always culture being added to our faiths and making things even more confusing!

Besides, the Catholic faith came from the Middle East! People see it as "Western" but no, it is from Palastine. :-) The Pope should live in Palastine haha!

"About fogged glasses...The secret is you need to make sure the niqab has some breathing space in front of your nose."

Hmmm. How do I do that without the niqab part falling down?? This is a challenge hahaha!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!! I wonder... we see "Maxi dress" coming onto the fahion scene as well as head scarves. I wonder... could the women become enchanged by the dignity and privacy and beauty of niqab???? One can hope! Noble Western women used to wear the veil! It is a sign of the nobility of women, not oppression :-)

One day perhaps I will be given the grace of niqab. I say to anyone out there that desires niqab and your husband is ok with it GO FOR IT! DO IT! Because you don't know the wonderful gift that you have that I want so much hahaha! (Yes, I'm greedy.)

Coffee Catholic said...

P.S. I have Facebook. My user name is Michelle Therese if anyone wants to look me up.

Sasha said...

She's so lovely!!... and she is one brave litlle girl... I'm proud to see somebody like her... she also inspires me to stand up for what you believe!! (on the right path)...

alia nadira~ said...

haha..kakchik, i'm also thinking the same way..AISHA from of my fvrt muvie..eventhough i'm not wearing niqab, but actually i really proud for ladies who wearing it..

umm ruman said...

I'm so lucky I've studied in International Islamic University Malaysia where students are encouraged to wear jubah and niqab but it sadden me much when government servants are forbidden to wear niqab and even been criticised wearing black abaya/jubah at working place.

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