May 15, 2009

O Allah! Please give me strength.

Assalamualaikum dear friends. Hopefully this Jumuah is full of blessings to all of us. Jumuah or Friday is one of the best day in Islam. It is a day of great blessings, special celebration, and a day of happiness for we receive special favours, rewards and Rahmat from Allah SubhanahuwaTalla.

As reported by Imam Bukhari, "There's an hour, on the day of al-Jumuah, during which Allah answers the prayers and supplications. Most scholars agree that this hour is the last hour of the day, after the Salatul Asr, ask of Allah in the last hour after the Asr prayer." (Naas'i)

Five deeds when done on a day chosen by Allah (al-Jumuah) will be rewarded by entry to Paradise.
  1. Visiting the sick,
  2. Attending the funeral of a Muslim,
  3. Fasting a day**[Should be followed or preceded by another day of fasting, means either fast Thur & Fri or Fri & Sat but never fast just on Friday.]
  4. Going to Solatul Jumuah
  5. And the freeing of a slave
(Shaih Ibn Hibban)

Of all the days of the week day of al-Jumuah was chosen by Allah SubhanahuwaTalla to be the greatest and the most special for Muslims: "O, you who believe! When the call for solah is made on al-Jumuah, hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave trading aside. That is better for you, if only you knew." [62:9]

"The Final day on earth, will only fall on the day of al-Jumuah." ( Muslim)

"The people of Jannah cannot wait for the arrival of al-Jumuah, to fill their eyes more and more with the presence of the Almighty. For this reason al-Jumuah has been named as the day of more (increase).." (At-Tabarani)

"Whoever dies on the day of al-Jumuah or on its eve will be protected from the torment of the grave." ( Ahmed)

Hopefully I can try my best to fill this wonderful day with lots of good deeds. This morning I was at my school registering and collecting my modules for the May semester. And I brave the process with MY NIQAB ON. Actually I was warned before for wearing the niqab in the university's compound but after looking at how brave my friend Adawiyah is (and she's a Muslim revert!) I've decided to test the situation once again. I prayed really hard before going there and all the way while driving.

Pheww! Alhamdulillah! Although I get some stares from fellow students and a rolling eyes from my former tutor, I think I can start my mission of going to class with my niqab on. Actually, it has never cause me any difficulties even in doing my job at the Library but like what I've said in one of the comment boxes, almost all local universities ban the wearing of niqab. Please pray for me to be brave and confident in my mission. So far I'm the only student on the Dean's list from my school and I hope they can tolerate me for dressing the way I am.

On this Jumuah, may Allah give me blessings and courage in this mission. Although most students and staffs are Muslims but they can be nasty towards niqab. I'm saying this from my own experience in my former university. I hope management is more open minded this days.

Last but not least,
Friday of every week:

Friday is a huge favour and Rahmah from Allah and a sign of His Mercy for human beings. We are lucky to have this blessing every week. So don't forget the importance of this blessed day because of your busy lifestyle and start preparing for Friday with love and joy and if you haven't done anything to earn Jannah during the whole week then Friday is your last chance, so go visit someone who's sick, get ready for Jumuah prayers, invite someone for dinner or lunch, and don't forget to pray especially around the Asr time and always ask for an honorable death on the blessed day of Jumuah.



wnorhaslina said...

Kak Chik. Kakak Ina pakai purdah jugak sejak dia habis STPM. Cerita 19 tahun yang lepas. In fact dia orang pertama yang pakai purdah dalam famili. Dan zaman tula. Ina kecik lagi masa tugh. Kakak Ina beza umur dengan Ina 14 tahun. Ina dah terbiasa tengok penerimaan negatif orang ramai terhadap orang berpurdah ni. Rasanya sekarang lebih baik daripada dulu. Tengok tempat jugak ya. Tapi kakak tak sambung belajar lepas STPM dia kawin. haha. Kakak Ina lah my mentor dan sumber kekuatan untuk ikut pakai purdah. Alhamdulilah dah masuk 6 bulan sekarang Ina pakai. Rasa aman dan best sangat.
Masa Ina belajar di oum kat serdang , ada seorang kakak yang pakai purdah jugak. Dia orang pertama yang pakai purdah kat situ. Alhamdulilah takda pula sesiapa yang kata apa2 kat dia. dilarang ka apa ka. Panjang pulak komen Ina ni. :)

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Ina,
Alhamdulillah lama juga kakak ina berpurdah lebih awal dari kakchik. Walaupun kakchik berpurdah sejak 13 tahun lalu tapi takde sorang pun adik-beradik yang nak ikut sebab alasan kerja, majoritinya doc hospital kerajaan. Cuma adik ipar yang kini turut berniqab, alhamdulillah. Biasanya kita mudah mencontohi sesiapa saja yang kita pandang macam idola kita.
Pasal OUM ni kakchik sdg beranikan diri pakai niqab w/pun dah ditegur sblm ni. Insya-Allah slps semalam, rasanya kakchik lebih yakin.

p/s: komen pjg takpe jgn tulis artikel sudah, hehehe

milla said...

Salam Chik,
rupa2nya masih ada universiti kat negara kita ni negatif mcm tu ye Chik. Kata negara ISLAM...kan kan. Takpe, tabahkan hati, kuatkan diri. mesti Chik boleh. Kalau Adawiyah tu boleh, Chik lagilah boleh..!!!!InsyaAllah.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam kmilla,
memang masih ada kak cuma berselindung je. Itulah, org luar semua ingat inilah negara contoh, huhu masih byk perkara diskriminasi terhadap amalan sunnah yang 'disapu ke bawah carpet'. Insya-Allah chik yakin universiti yg ni lebih toleran kot, sekarang org dah open minded sikit dgn niqab ni. Wallahu 'Alam

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