Jun 13, 2009

I Just Love to Have Them

Assalamualaikum. Short post again because I'm a bit busy with classes and my bookshop. Just enjoy looking at some of my fav sets.

Sorry for the short post. I'm out of ideas and physically tired. Anyway... have a nice weekend to all who will enjoy it tomorrow while I'll be at the Library, as usual.

Oh, I wish I have all those abayas.


Sasha said...

seronokkan kalau dpt betul2 online shopping barang2 yg kita suka mcm dlm set ni... sha kalau main polyvore selalu berangan memiliki semua item yg ada... nak je add to my item... kalau betul2 mcm tu... haahhhh!! so nice to have that feeling!!...

kakchik said...

Sha, kakchik sebab susah nak beli online, kakchik tiru je design yang berkenan, tempah dgn tukang jahit, hehehe.

Kitty Pryde said...


tatahan tgk yang paisley patterned jubah tu!!

so pretty!!!!! and the flats!!! *drool drool*

kak chik, you are notty.

kit takut nak tgk your creations. it would mean another "dear, i need to buy *insert item here* please please please" session.


kakchik said...

Kit, I just give you ideas... when the time comes for our monthly wages esp from the other half, you can def coax him to buy, hehehe.

Kitty Pryde said...

tahu, tahu.


but i LOVE the things you put together. sangat mencabar, ok, bukak blog kak chik nih!!


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