Jun 4, 2009

I'm at Our Yearly Muktamar

Assalamualaikum & a very good afternoon to everyone. Sorry for the lack of new post. Currently I am attending the yearly Muktamar of Malaysian Pan Islamic Party (PAS) as one of the ICT committee members.

I'm quite tired but happy to be present in this important event. That's me in my purple-black assemble standing beside the VIPs while we listen to the national anthem.

And here's me and my friend at the back of the auditorium. I have a formal coat on while she's wearing the vest.

Picture was taking earlier this morning before we have our breakfast and drove to the MBSA Hall for our Muktamar.

I'll be here until tomorrow for the full Muktamar. After that we are going to drive home to Kelantan. I was hoping to meet some blogger friends here but that hope would have to be postpone until next time.

Well... that's it for now.


malizea said...

mashallah U look so beautiful!!! I really love the way you are dressed!! and concerning the undercaps al hamdoulillah a friend of my brother is in malaysia he may bring me back some inchallah, but if he can't inchallah I will tell you how many I want etc. XOXO malizea

Sasha said...

Seronoknya beraktiviti sosial yg macam ni... dpt byk kebaikan dunia & akhirat...

kakchik said...

Dear malizea, syukran jazilan sis. Regarding that undercaps, alhamdulillah... that's a good news. Hopefully he'll bring home lots of beautiful ones for you.

kakchik said...

Dear Sasha, alhamdulillah... setakat yg mampu kakchik cuba luangkan sedikit masa utk aktiviti sebegini, mana tahu esok2 boleh dijadikan saksi di hadapan Allah Taala.

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