Jun 27, 2009

Shopping for Cloths at Kelantan Silk Store

This is what you can see inside any cloth shops in Kota Bharu. This one is inside Kelantan Silk Store. Soooooo colourful.

They like to hang matching cloths above while the uncut ones are arranged in rows upon rows on the floor. One can surely get confuse in choosing the best cloth.

I'm definitely confused myself because there are so many beautiful cloths that caught my eyes.

Anyone interested? Hehe.

WOW! Gorgeous print that looks like a peacock.

I bought 4m of this new arrival. It was really beautiful except that on camera it's not photogenic at all. The material is very soft and cool to the touch. Bought it at RM64 for 4m.

This one also came home with me. Just RM56 for 4m.

Shopping for Eid.


Champ said...

Love the purple polka dot yg 56 hengget tu..

Anonymous said...

yup..love those polka purple..nice!!

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

wah, seronoknya kak chik membeli belah for eid fitri ya? :)
kelantan silk store ni kat mana ya?

UniMuslimah said...

Salaam alaikum,
Wow! I love the fabric you bought, the second one (with the flowers) is especially pretty! You're getting ready for Eid already? Talk about being well prepared!


kakchik said...

Champ, yang tu kakchik belum terfikir lagi nak jahit baju apa. Memang cantik kan.

kakchik said...

ayscha, thanks for liking my choice. do you think it would look great if i make it an abaya?

kakchik said...

syaz, terpaksa membeli awal... kat kelantan ni kalau dah masuk rejab, tukang jahit dah kurang nak ambil tempahan. KSS ni di pusat bandar, sebelah The Store.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam UniMuslimah. Thank you for liking it. Yes... preparing for Eid is always early in this part of the country. Dressmakers would not accept anymore orders when it's getting closer to Ramadhan. hehe, this year i intend to have new clothes for Eid not like the previous 2 years.

Coffee Catholic said...

The silk is a feast to the eyes! How I wish we had stores like that here!! I loved going to the souk in Bahrain and seeing all of the cloth, the beautiful clothes... if I knew then that I would love hijab later then I would have bought some of the beautiful Bahraini-style abaya etc.!

You could make a very lovely niqab out of that silk!

kakchik said...

cc, actually not all of them are silk but a mix of other type of material. maybe this kind of stores only can be found in asian because asian are colourful. i think you are missing bahrain so much. maybe one day you and your family will have another chance to visit the country and get lots of gorgeous abayaat.

hehe, i don't think i would wear a niqab that so coulourful. my husband would laugh all day long.

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