Jun 28, 2009

Anyone interested? EDITTED


This going to be short and straight to the point. Besides lidey and miz asking about this shoe, I have a few others emailing me about it too.

Well, as now I am a member of Rorine, I can definitely and happily help you get this shoe. I think there are more than 10 different designs for this type of shoe. I was planning to shoot some pics and promote them here.

Anyway, I managed to copy this catalog pic from Rorine so you can have more choice. Please click on the pic to have a bigger view.

If anyone interested, please email me your details such as:


I will only send to those in Malaysia because of the difficulty in the payment process and method. So... would anyone be interested? Email me and then I'll inform you how to pay, etc.

Thank you.

p/s: I think I would be doing some business here too...


nazliahnazeer said...

wow bestnya kak chik. i think i like the one yang no. 1623. hehe will let u know if i want one. ;)

kakchik said...

naz, that one pun ok but when i was at the shop i want something a bit diff hence the shoe that i bought. pls... don't hesitate if you want to order, hehe.

nazliahnazeer said...

ok kakchik.hehe. wah kak chik dh ada 100followers. ramai tu. ;)

kakchik said...

tu lah... tak sangka lansung menulis cerita pasal ni pun ramai juga yang suka. nampak sangat org perempuan ni terlalu ramai yg suka fesyen, hehe fesyen muslimah

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