Jul 1, 2009

Think Green

Assalamualaikum everyone!

I'm currently rather busy with packing return books, clearing stocks, revising for my mid term exam that will be on the 16 until 18 July and also coping with the loss of my bookstore's salesgirl.

My shop needs a salesgirl! ASAP!

I have to maintain it alone until I find another replacement.

Meanwhile, you just enjoy this billboard that I saw in our Islamic City. Kota Bharu is aiming for a greener and cleaner city center by 2010. All the best to everyone in KB.

That's it. Got to go now.


Coffee Catholic said...

Ah! What a good idea!

I agree with "Green" in the context of having respect and proper stewardship of God's creation. But I don't support the radical Environmentalists that make humans to be a disease to the Earth.

We are a relatively "Green" household and also an organic farm! It's a lot of work but so worth it because God wants us to respect His creation, not abuse it.

wnorhaslina said...

Saya baru balik dari kb. Mashaallah memang persekitarannya menuju ke arah hijau dan bersih. Sejuk hati selama berada di sana. Saya harap Alor Setar ikut jejak langkah KB.

kakchik said...

CC, yes... a very good idea indeed.
Well the Municipal is planning to beautify the city with more plants and encourage city dwellers to be more responsible with their trash. It's because people here are not that responsible yet. You life at the farm with fresh air and so on is way too different from life here. you life there is more like the home town of my father. Once in a while I would go there to enjoy the freshness of the air, with lush green or yellow paddy field. breath taking.

kakchik said...

wkslm ina. lama tak dgr khabar ya. kakchik pun rasa begitu sekarang ni. maklum la kan bukan mudah nak melatih rakyat membiasakan bersih dan hijau.

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