Jul 15, 2009

Clearing my wardrobe

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all friends.

I'm currently a bit tired and edgy, the aftermath of not enough sleep and rest for over 2 days. Thanks to the bi-election and also the exam which have kept me busy and sleepless. Anyway, since my mind couldn't focus more on my books, I kept wandering around and around thinking about random things.

One of them keeps coming back and making me excited all over. Yes, just like the title said, "clearing my wardrobe".

You know, that one wardrobe which shouldn't be called a wardrobe at all because of its small size with just 4 doors, is bursting with my clothes especially the abayaat. Since I have been wearing the abaya since in my high school days, and I still wear some of my old abayaat, you can just imagine how many I have accumulated over 17 years.

Right, I think I would just do that, clear away all the old abayaat (colourful) and cram in all the new ones (almost 80% black). Upon further thinking... those old abayaat are still looking nice and good except for the fading colour, losing a button or two and one has a permanent grease stain (not that obvious). I'm thinking of selling them for a very cheap and reasonable price. And I'm planning to donate the money to a friend's private Islamic school which is still struggling to survive.

Well, before I upload the pictures and quote the prices, I'd like to know your views about my intention. Insya-Allah after my paper tomorrow morning I'll be snapping the picture of the abayaat and upload them ASAP.

Oh, almost forgotten, all the abayaat are so small, maybe size XS because of my petite physics, hehe and probably Malaysian will fit them nicely.

Ok, till my next update, please leave me your opinion.



Sasha said...

Moga usaha murni kakchik ni mendapat sambutan... & berjaya.

kakchik said...

Terima kasih Sha. KakChik belum ambil gambar lagi jubah2 KakChik tu.

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