Jul 15, 2009

GREAT Deals at The Abaya Souq

Assalamualaikum dear readers & visitors.

Here's a GREAT deal for every abaya lovers out there. THE ABAYA SOUQ is having a SALE!!


Tune into their website and you'll get many wonderful choices and they don't just sell abaya but also other clothing for Muslimahs.

This is what the owner has to say,
"The offer is from 15th July until 20th July -- customers will get 10% discount of all purchases ordered and paid ON or BEFORE 20th July 2009. (normal shipping rate and rule applies).

On top of that, Malaysian customers will enjoy a flat rate of RM10 per abaya ordered (or if the order is other than abaya ie. hijab/shaylas or brooches, it will be RM10 per shipment).

They need to give a code: KAKCHIK upon check out.

the 10% discount is not applicable to products already on promotion (Special Offers section)."
See... that is very tempting.

I have my eyes fix on this 2 abayaat:-

(drooling...) but I'm sure you will be mesmerized by the other choices too.

Anyone from anywhere can make her purchase because I can see that they are quoting the prices in USD (default) although you can change the currency using 6 other options.

Soooo.... make a visit to THE ABAYA SOUQ before it's too late.

p/s: Nani, I hope I've done something good with this post and may you always be an honest business lady. All the best! I'm thinking of ordering those 2, hmmm....



The Abaya Souq said...

Thanks for posting this entry. Dalam sibuk2 pun kak chik try jugak luangkan masa, I really appreciate that.

wnorhaslina said...

kak chik thanks bagi tau tentang the abaya souq ni. Memang best jubah2 nya. Naik juling mata tengok. hahaha.
kalau ada rezeki boleh cuba beli ni.

Sasha said...

I'm drooling toooo!... not just that... telan air liur at the same time...

i'm checking it out!

Sacrifice4Allah said...

MashaAllah beautiful designs! I love the blue abaya with the gorgeous detail MashAllah. I will be sure to check it out and may be even order a couple myself. JazakiAllah khair!!!

Coffee Catholic said...

I can't allow myself to buy any more abaya haha! My husband will scream.

(P.S. I finally figured out how to use polyvore!! At long last!)

Anonymous said...


u have been tagged aapi :)

kakchik said...

TAS, you are welcome. I'll try to help whenever I can.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam wnorhaslina.

Ada buat order tak? Menarikkan abaya2 kat situ.

kakchik said...

hehe, lawak pula Sha ni.
Kakchik dah buat order dah.

kakchik said...

You would be spoil for choice at TAS. The prices are quite reasonable since the owner is staying in Dubai and she can certainly get a cheaper price there. I think.

kakchik said...

hahaha.... I'm sure he would do that after you've ordered so many already.

I might subscribe to your polyvore account to have a look, hehe.

kakchik said...

gulshan.... thanks anyway for the tag, huhu.

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