Jul 7, 2009

Colourful Abayas at Peace Boutique

On June 30 I was in town doing some errand and I took some time to walk around looking for interesting shops. And I found a boutique selling Muslimah clothing that looks very tempting. You know, it is always tempting if it sells something that I like.

PEACE BOUTIQUE has a wide range of jilbabs and fancy abayaat just like the sample pic above that I've snapped. Anyone from size XS to XXXL can certainly find a dress here.

I think you can find 3 Peace Outlets in Kota Bharu. One was the one that I went which is at Jalan Pintu Pong, another one is in KB Mall and the last one that I know is in Billion shopping complex. And believe it or not, all this shops are own by Chinese.


UniMuslimah said...

Salaam alaikum,
Ohhh! I love that blue one! Those are so pretty! :D

Did you buy one?


Eloquence said...

i would love the pink one in the middle. i think there was also another picture that you took of you trying a black and pink abaya, i'm still in love with the colors and the design of it

Sasha said...

wah!! cantik2 & harga yg murah... mana diorang dpt stok kain yg murah2 & cantikl... yer... teringin nak pakai baju kurung songket tp mahal sgt kat KL ni... kakchik ada idea ker mana nak dpt... ?

Hijab Chic said...

The pink one in the middle was my favorite too :)
Did you buy anything?

Coffee Catholic said...

I would wear the blue one and the green!

Do they sell the **American** version of XXXL? lol!

Oh ~ we were delayed and just today posted your package! I don't often get a chance to go to the post office. We sent it Air Mail with the hopes that it will arrive safe into your hands!!

Coffee Catholic said...

You seriously have the BEST shops ever! Where I live there is not even one mall for over a hundred miles. And then, even the mall is small and stupid.

I miss living in the city. Where I am I can't even go to a library or coffee shop. I don't like rural country living LOL!

I would live in Bahrain again no problem ~ and also paradise Malaysia!!

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam UniMuslimah.
hehe, they surely are pretty... but no, i don't buy any. I was just looking around, no plan to buy new one.

kakchik said...

Eloquence, you can afford that one sis. It's quite cheap if converted to dollar. Yes... i also still in love with that one but so sad, they don't have my size.

kakchik said...

kakchik pun tak tahu sha. Memang cantik kan & affordable.
kain songket memang agak mahal sha. kalau kat sini ada beberapa kedai atas Bazar Buluh Kubu yang jual pakaian siap dari songket tapi kakchik memang jarang ke sana.
kat nurarfah batik pun ada tapi sdh tentu harganya melambung.

kakchik said...

Hijab Chic, no... didn't buy anything there because I was just browsing.

kakchik said...

CC, I don't know whether they have American version or not but you can tell me your measurement. I'm sure they can measure for you. are you interested?

Michelle, just don't pressure yourself ok about the package. I'd like to say thanks in advance because of your kind intention. Don't worry. Take care of yourself and the fetus inside :)

kakchik said...

CC, don't be sad my friend... better discuss it with your husband. Who knows he might be able to bring you to town that has some malls, library and whatever shops that you missed. And some foreigners love to make Malaysia as their second home. They bought houses here. Don't forget, all the 'paradise' pics that you've seen here are in Kelantan.

Coffee Catholic said...

Kakchik, we can't drive to a town because we live on an island up above Scotland, beyond the wilderness. So we have to take a boat and then drive many hours in isolated wilderness. Do you have villiages in Maylaysia that are cut off from the cities, where the people can't easily get to the cities? That is what it is like for me! Only here we have running water, internet (but the internet connection is very primitive!!) and electricity. When I lived in Alaska you only had electricity if you lived outside of the town. I didn't even have running water or internet!

Me and my husband have decided that we will come to Maylaysia when the children are older and fit to travel such a distance. :-) We'll come to Kelantan!! Because I cannot fly for long due to an injured leg (knee, ankle, and hip) we'll split the flight in half by stopping in Bahrain for a few days ~ my old "stomping grounds"!! How lovely it will be to show our children the place where I found God and then also bring them to paradise-on-earth!

Perhaps we can retire in Maylaysia hahaha!

Coffee Catholic said...

My measurements:

56 inches or
142 centimeters

51 inches or
130 centimeters

Largest part of upper arm:
18 inches or
46 centimeters
(I often fit an XXXL but the arms are too tight!)

Length of sleeve from seam where sleeve joins shoulder to just past wrist onto hand (for modesty):
22 inches long
56 centimeters

I stand, in bare feet, 5 feet and 7 inches tall. I tend to wear abaya that are 54 to 55 inches (137cm, 140cm) long only because of the rain and mud here, so that they don't drag on the ground! We get more rain then no rain here in Scotland!

kakchik said...

CC, your island must be so secluded but still you have internet there. If not we wouldn't be knowing each other, hehe. Thank God for that.
And I have take note of your measurement. Who knows I might find something that can fit you nicely. Like kaftan from Batik.

Sahara-Henna said...

oh that makes me depressive. those clothes are so cheap at your place and here i have to order it for double price in the internet *cry*

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