Jul 8, 2009

Newest Addition to KakChik's Wardrobe

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Hi, everyone... wanna have a look at my wardrobe latest addition? Last month I was intrigued by a friend's blogshop which was promting a Special Edition abayaat . I've never bought an abaya from her before because of the prices that are way over my budget but she really have so many wonderful abayaat. However when I saw this abaya, I kept thinking, "hey, it's simple and within my budget and I can get ready for Eid earlier." And it would be my last abaya purchase before Ramadhan. I bought it from De'Abayish for RM195.00 and it arrived 2 days ago but I only have a chance to see it yesterday.

The design is rather simple but I love it because it looks pretty.

Just look at the details on the sleeve. The material of the abaya feels soft and I hope when I wear it, it wouldn't make me sweat so much. Hopefully it is much comfortable.

And here's the matching shayla that came with the abaya. Very nice... it also quite big, suitable for me that love more coverage in front and at the back.

I'm happy with the purchase but still have to alter the hem a bit. Maybe make it 4" shorter, hehe. I think this one gonna be my Eid dress.

Besides the abaya, last week I bought a length of cloth to make an abaya. I already design it and going to send the cloth to my dressmaker. Hopefully she can get it ready before next month because I'm going to wear it for a special program.

It is also black but with small stripes which I prefer when I choose cloth for abaya.

From the close up you can see the stripes. Just wait for the end result. I just have to be patient and hope that my dressmaker will sew it nicely and prettyly just like my design.

Another new addition is this handbang from Rorine. I fell in love instantly with it during my last visit to the store. And ever since that day, this bag has accompanied me everywhere.

Before I pen off for today, I'd like to invite everyone reading this post to recite Al-Fatihah for Dr. Marwa el Sherbini of Egypt who was stabbed 18 times in the court in Germany because she wears hijab and went to court to protect her rights. Al-Fatihah.

If you want to read more, please visit here.


hijabee said...

It's cute. I like the pattern and the purse is lovely!

Coffee Catholic said...

That's a lovely black abaya! It's amazing how pretty black can be when there are simple designs.

I like the cloth also, with the stripes. Very nice!

ery kumagai said...

comeyyynyoo..good choice!

i read abt her too. it's so touching.

Hajar said...

May Allah S.W.T protect our dear sister.

kakchik said...

Thanks hijabee.

CC, that's why people said black is elegant. Add in a simple design or decoration and it will look very nice.

kakchik said...

ery, thank you.

hajar, yes, may Allah protect all Muslims who want to protect their deen.

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