Jul 8, 2009

Trendy Tops


What do you call this type of dress? I saw many teenagers sporting it. My youngest sister also have a few in her closet. Personally I think this dress is suitable for teenagers although I've seen adults wearing it too.

I love this one. Fabulous pink.

My suggestion if you want to wear this type of dress/tunic, match it either with loose pants/jeans or long skirt depend on the occasion that you would be attending/going. And please use a loose long sleeve top underneath it because if the top is tight it will look UGLY and certainly not proper hijab.

My sister eyeing the blue one.

But this 2 that I've seen already came with a matching top, either black or white. Actually there are more colours beside pink and blue.

I've seen someone wearing a checked shirt underneath and I think she looks good in it. Why not I try it but sorry I can't share the pic here, hehe.


Margaret said...

I would call that a shirt dress. They're a common style. I've seen them in lots of different lengths, with different sleeves and with different shaped skirts.

UniMuslimah said...

Salaam alaikum,
Like the shirts, they'd look cute with a nice skirt. :)

Great find!


Hajar said...

Not my cup of tea. :( Baju Kurung is still THE BEST! Haha~!!! :)

kakchik said...

Margaret, oh, a shirt dress. Now I can add my fashion vocabulary. Yes, they have become very common in Malaysia especially among youngsters.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam UniMuslimah.
Sometimes I wear this kind of shirt with a skirt at home. Very comfortable and still modest.

kakchik said...

Hajar, I know you, hehe. The baju kurung lovers.

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