Jul 11, 2009

What's for dinner?

Assalamualaikum girls... and a very good night to everyone.

My life is a bit hectic and packed this few days because of more commitments and projects to be settled at the Library and also the mid term exam is just around the corner.

While my days always end up with me being quite exhausted and drained, I'm still happy and blessed to be in this big family. Yes... I'm staying with my parent along with my younger sister and her family of 5 soon to be 6 and also my youngest sister. Actually my parent asked me and hubby to stay with them while my house is being built. They're kind of lonely living in this big house with 6 empty rooms because all my siblings have their own home.

Well that was before my younger sister got transfered from Penang General Hospital to Kelantan General Hospital which is 4 months ago. Her husband too was approved by the Military to tranfer to Kelantan. Anyway, they're back at Parents house until my sister's due date and at the same time looking for suitable house to buy and get settled.

Anyway, our house is always loud with children and merry with laughter and people talking. Rather lively is our home.

Ah, I didn't mean to write about this.... what I really want to share is our dinner for tonight. A Kelantanese dish known as Fried Chopped Chicken With Vege.

From the pic above only one kind of vege is use because the vege stock is decreasing so fast and the only one left behind is the cucumbers which are not suitable for this dish.

Very simple to cook and very tasty. The ingredient are; about 500gm of chopped chicken - mix it with a table spoon of tumeric powder, half of an onion, a few chillies (green and red), veges preferably long beans, cabbage and 'sawi' (I'm not sure what it is called in English) and salt to taste. I've tried using capsicum with dif colours, it's still good.

Forgot to mention: Fried the chicken until golden then add in all other ingredient except for the leafy vege, they come last. It's only take about 10 - 15min.

Now, the rice is ready and we have cooked a pot of beef curry and make a bowl of salad...

Let's go to the kitchen and have our dinner.


Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum :o)

yummy, this looks absolutely delicious! It's a malay dish, right? My son and I are looking for new, international dishes, we're getting bored with our food lol Thanks for the recipe! :o)

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

Yummy! mcm sedap je. wah,nak cuba jugaklah. hehe. dah terliur ni, lunch hour! :D

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Melda:o).
Yes, it's a Malay dish. A traditional dish. All the best for trying. I hope it turn out alright.

kakchik said...

Syaz, of course it is tasty, hehe. It's so simple and not time consuming at all. This is fast food for me.

Sisters303 said...

terasa lapar pulak tgk gambar ni.. :)

::I. D . A :: said...

woow .. yummy.. feel hung- ry..

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