Jul 3, 2009

Ummi and her 'babies'

It's getting late and I'm not feeling sleepy at all. However my limit to be online is only until 12.30 which means another 13min to go.

I was looking at all the pics that I've taken today and trying to decide which one to put in this blog. Then a thought came to my mind, "why not write something else entirely, something other than fashion or shopping." So... this is it, I'll blog about my beloved UMMI (mom) and her plants.

Since I kind of lazy to scratch my mind for more English words, I will leave you with lots and lots of pictures of my mom tending her plants (greens and bougainvillea).


It was 11 am and my mom is still tending her flowers. She'll be outside for almost 2 hours in the morning if she can stand her pain in her knee.


Coffee Catholic said...

You live in paradise!!!!!

kakchik said...

yes, thanks to my mom.

♥Faخirah♥ said...

As-Al, you should give her more posts!
Take care of her and tell her every day how much you love her...one day Allah take them away from us... :( u made me miss my own...

Hajar said...

Is it just me or are Malay homes FULL of bougainvilleas? There's so much greenery in your home!!! Is that a banana tree I spot in the last picture?

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