Aug 27, 2009

Many choices at JW Collection, KK Square

Assalamualaikum and happy Ramadhan to all my friends and visitors. Thanks for taking some time to drop by my blog and reading my random writing. Recently something unthinkable happen to my dear husband and I've written a post about it although not very specific. It's just the way I'm pouring out the burden that I'm going through with him. Anyway, I can't let the problem dampen my spirit and since this is Ramadhan, I'm trying my best to fulfill it with more ibadah and happy sharing with you.

So... let's boost my self esteem with one of my fav things which is visiting any new store or boutique selling Islamic dresses. Join me at JW Collection for a drooling journey.

This is the front view of the store. It's rather small compared to the one in KB Mall but you still will be spoilt for choice. Just look at that!

Oooooh... this one really caught my eyes but I don't think I'll wear it in public, too bright for me but beautiful and the price is only RM69.

More choices that you can definitely find one that will suit you.

I already found one that I like. The salesgirl shyly helps me to hold the abaya. This pattern has 3 different colours; purple, black and brown. I love all of them, but... let's try this one....

yes.... I took the purple abaya to try but sadly it's quite tight on the above part so... it's not for me. Maybe because I put it on while my black abaya is still on. Anyway, I'll be there again next time because KK Square is just 5min from home. Oh, the price... it's RM89.90. The material is satin and very soft.

If you wish to find a colourful and beautiful abaya with reasonable price, give JW a visit and who knows you might go home with a big smile on your face.



Tautan_Hati said...

cantik2 jgak yer
i bought my baju raya @ JW collection..but at KB mall

Hajar said...

I'm awarding you an award. Please check it out. Happy Ramadhan! ^^

farahtaufik said... in kl...tensyen nye bile kakchik review bende nihhh..huhhuhuhuhuh

UniMuslimah said...

Salaam alaikum,
Wow! Those are really really pretty! Shame that the purple one didn't fit quite right- it looks lovely. :)

Ramadan mubarak!


Life's Balance Beam said...

Salaamaulaikum warahmatuaallah!
Inshaallah this comment reaches you and your family n the best state of health and iman (ameen)

Inshaallah what ever it is with your husband allah will make easy for you, i am a big fan of your blog, and i noticed that you havent updated in a while, inshaallah Everything is okay.

As salaamaualaikum :)

kakchik said...

Tautan_Hati - The choices at KB Mall are far better than at KK Square. I believe you've bought one very beautiful. Any pic that I can see?

kakchik said...

Hajar - thanks for the award sis. Sorry for being late in receiving it.

kakchik said...

farahtaufik - hehe, maaf kan kakchik ya farah. tapi kan kat KL pun banyak pilihan kan? Kalau susah, kakchik biasa juga tolong belikan untuk teman-teman di luar KB.

kakchik said...

UniMuslimah - Wa'alaikummussalam sis. Yeah, I wish I can buy that purple one. Anyway, I actually already have a few abayaat that I can wear for Eid.

kakchik said...

Life's Balance Beam - Wa'alaikummussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Thank you sis for the kind wishes. Insyaallah we've overcome that obstacle and become stronger especially spiritually. Thanks also for being my fan. This blog is nothing without fans like you.

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