Sep 16, 2009

Ideas for Eid


Hijab Chic said...

Gorgeous!! I would love to wear something like this :)

Hijab Chic said...

..I meant the 1st one :D

kakchik said...

Hijab Chic - I agree with you and you know what, that abaya can be bought from the Abaya Souq. Luxury Abaya.

UniMuslimah said...

Masha'Allah, these are all lovely! But I love the first one best! :)

Ramadan mubarak Kakchik (and an early Eid mubarak)!


farhana said...

salam Chik..

the first one is my abaya.. purchased from nani..

cantik sangat..
kalau pakai untuk kerja.. macam ranggi sangat tak chik?

kakchik said...

UniMuslimah - Eid Mubarak to you too and the first one is also my best

farhana - wkslm. yes, i know you bought this abaya, that's why i made this set. nak pakai gi keje maybe glam sgt kot.

umm ruman said...

I always loved black over red or maroon. The colour combination will never go wrong.

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