Sep 15, 2009

You Can Only See This In Kelantan

Assalamualaikum and happy Ramadhan to all.

It's going to be midnight soon and I'm taking a few minutes of rest after the 'terawikh' before I go to sleep. And I'm going to share with you some interesting images of the new billboards that you can found around my home town.

These billboards are one of the current main attraction in this State of Kelantan. It was a part of the dakwah methode planned by the Islamic State Government. Most are promoting READING AL-QUR'AN as the culture in the community in order to build a QUR'ANIC GENERATION.

Let's take a look!

This one was errected near the bridge of my village. When I'm on my way home from work, I'll see this billboard.

Thank to our Chief Minister for introducing this idea. It brings a lot of joy to us and create a very Islamic feeling around the State.


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mawaddah said...

masyallah!=) i want to go to Kelantan =) hee..and i love the billboards there as they only shows images with woman properly coth..i mean they wear the soothing to the eyes..

bile boleh pergi agaknyer ye..hhe

nazliahnazeer said...

oh mashaAllah.. ya Allah. bertuahnya org kelantan. :) sronok sgt. suasananye mmg lain sgt dgn negeri lain. mama naz pn suke sgt pegi kelantan. yg buat lg best sbb ada tuan guru. hehe

kakchik said...

mawaddah, you are welcome anytime to Kelantan sis. it's compulsory for women models to wear hijab in all the billboards here to encourage people covering their aurah.

kakchik said...

naz, bukan org Kelantan aje yang bertuah naz, insyaallah negeri-negeri lain pun akan menerima tempiasnya. kalau mama suka dtg ke sini, naz bila lagi? boleh jumpa kakchik

nazliahnazeer said...

insyaallah, sama2 lah kita doa.
tak tahu lah kakchik bila dpt datang. ada rezeki insyaallah. hari tu mama dgn abah naz pegi tau yg kt manik urai tu. hihi semangat. klu pegi sna nti mmg nak jumpa kakchik pun. ;)

kakchik said...

naz, tak kisah la bila-bila pun. janji sebelum datang, bagitau la dulu ya.

ann said...

winduunyerr lah nak berada di kaybee

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