Sep 15, 2009

Testimonial of an abaya lover.

ASSALAMUALAIKUM AND RAMADHAN KAREEM to all my readers. Thank you for dropping by KakChik's Wardrobe and I hope you'll find something beneficial and interesting here.

I was thinking about the request from THE ABAYA SOUQ for my testimonial after I bought and wear their abaya.

So, here goes...

Most of you already knows that I really love wearing abaya especially the black ones. And I have 14 black abayaat in my wardrobe. Some are for my daily working attire and going out and a few fancy ones are for formal occasions.

Besides the black ones I also have several colourful choices which are custom made all through out the 17 years of wearing them. Yes, I've been wearing an abaya since I'm 16 when I was in a boarding school.

Anyway, ever since my love for black abayaat grows, I've been buying them either at a few selected local boutiques or online shops. I love all of them especially if I don't have to do any alteration. Save my time and patience. And one of the online abaya shop that I like is THE ABAYA SOUQ. Don't say I'm bias because I love doing business with all the other 3 online shops too. I'm planning to do testimonials for them too.

So, back to this testimonial, you can see me wearing the LISHA abaya which costs RM139.19 or USD38.99. I got it with discount since I bought it during promotion.

LISHA is an open front abaya, a bit kimono-like. What I really like about this abaya is the comfort of wearing it. The material is light and soft, the size 50 fits me nicely and it came with a matching shayla that I'm wearing in the pic. The niqab was bought separately at the cost of RM4.90 from Shamensi in KL.

Wearing an abaya is the best (for me) because it fits in every kind of working environment I'm in and also in any occasions. Further more it modestly covers my aurah. Oh, I still wear fashionable cloths but they are nicely hidden under the abaya. Only my husband, family and women friends can see them. This woman and fashion is indeed in a very close relationship, LOL.

Hopefully Nani at the Abaya Souq will read this.

The End.


nazliahnazeer said...

wow.masyaAllah.. kakchik look very nice in this abaya.;) naz bought abaya layla n love it soo much! i should other M next time. not L. ;p Lisha ni ada kt malaysia ke? or kakchik kena bayar postage dia dari Dubai RM85?

Nurul said...

Salam'alaikum kak chik. jealous dgn kakchik coz kakchik leh pakai tudung style ekin tu. sbb my body ver big, xleh nak pakai tudung cmtu ngn abaya. cantik kakchik pakai cmni. MashaAllah... :) Jeles. Ouchie. Hehe...

kakchik said...

naz, thanks you. alhamdulillah i really feel good in abaya. i order lisha from nani of abayasouq when she was in dubai but no need for postage fee because she brought them home herself and mine is a bit special case. i think if you order now, you'd have to pay the fee because of transport and custom.

kakchik said...

walakaikummussalam nurul.

is that ekin style? oh, i don't even know that the style is ekin's. hehe, i just wrap it like that so that it has more coverage in the front and the back.

jangan jeles ya.

lidey said...

cantik la kakchik :)
suka teng0k kakchik wrap shayla tu...
kaw kakchik sudi nti share la cara kakchik wrap shayla tu sbp slalu sy wrap bhagian dpn je labuh.blkg xbrp labuh sgt. rasa cam xselesa pulak... huhu

kakchik said...

lidey, thanks. actually it's just a basic wrap. nak tunjuk macamana ya? masa nak mula belit tu kakchik make sure mengadap cermin besar agar nampak labuh di belakangnya baru dpt disesuaikan labuh depan pula.

Kit Pryde said...


Kit mmg carik abaya hitam..... boleh la jengok2 lagi abayasouq tu.

now nak tunggu the other reviews.

thanks kak chik.

kakchik said...

Kit, kakchik ada senaraikan banyak kedai online yg jual abaya kat sidebar kanan tu. semuanya ada jual abaya hitam.

Tiaya said...

salam KChik
I just saw this post.... cemana ntah terlpeas pandang! Thanks for the positive feedback. Alhamdulillah many other customers have been satisfied too. I am only happy when others are.... otherwise mmg tak senang duduk :)

salam from Dubai (back in Dubai now)

kakchik said...

Wkslm Nani (or should I call you Tiaya?, hehe).
It's ok... I was just helping because it's the true experience. Insyaallah I'll be contacting you again regarding my reseller application.
I wish I can fly to Dubai now.

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