Oct 26, 2009

Amni - My little niece

This is my one year old niece, Amni. She's my source of joy and also my husband's. Among all her aunties, I'm the first one who saw her a few minutes after she was born. Oh, how small and red she was back then but now she's already walking and running.

Little Amni likes to spend her time with me inside my room. She looks so sweet in her baju kurung when she came looking for me. If I'm at home Amni would always want to be with me either watching some videos on youtube or reading her fav picture books.

That's one of her fav picture book, Allah is al-Khaliq. I'm so thankful to Allah that Amni loves books very much. I hope she imitates good habits from us.

Just look at her trying to put back her book in the shelf. That special slot is for children's books and each of my nieces know about it. They would take a book to read then put it back there. And Amni knows that too. Alhamdulillah.

I just love looking at this picture. The bonding moment of Amni and her uncle, my husband. They were talking about the book in her hand. My husband is very affectionate to Amni and he also loves cuddling her. Oh, I wish we will have our own baby soon. Having Amni with us during daytime is very enjoyable and I should thank my sister for living Amni at my Mom's. She will always be our bundle of joy. May Allah protect Amni from any evil and may she grow to be a good daughter, a pious muslimah, a humble servant of Allah and a responsible individual in this world. I love my little niece.

You may want to see her photo journal.
It's here.


NoortheNinjabi said...

MashaAllah Kakchik, she is beautiful. May Allah SWT bless you and your husband with one like her, may He protect and preserve both, and may He guide us all, ameen. She sounds very happy to be with her favorite auntie :)

kakchik said...

Thank you Noor. I feel so blessed. She's like a daughter we don't have.

Life's Balance Beam said...

As salaamualaikum sis!

shes adorable
inshaallah you and your husband will have the honor to be blessed with a little bundle of your own, all in good timing if not now then in jannah inshaallah (Ameen) i will keep you in my du'a inshaallah because the du'a is the weapon of the believer! alhumdulilah

kakchik said...

Life's Balance Beam - Jazakillahi khair sis for your kind words and du'a. InsyaAllah both of us always husnul dzon with Allah and everyday we make our du'a because we know, Allah knows the best.

Kit Pryde said...

kak chik,

insya-allah rezeki kak chik will happen soon.

and isn't she adorable??? meh turun kl boleh kawan with my manja.

kakchik said...

May Allah bless your du'a. Amiin.
Yes, she is. And I believe manja is adorable too.

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