Oct 25, 2009

Batik: Today I fell in love

In Malaysia, besides Terengganu, Kelantan is also well known for its BATIK. If you have a chance to visit Kota Bharu, the State Capital city, you can found batik stores everywhere. There's even one shopping bazaar solely for batik products. It is called Bazar Buluh Kubu.

Anyway, what I want to tell you is I went shopping at one of the well known batik manufacturer in Kelantan, NORDIN BATIK. Although I'm Kelantanese, I am a rare breed who does not like wearing batik, hehe. In my wardrobe I do have a few 'baju kurung' made from batik but all of them are gifts from someone I know. I have never bought my own batik but I like seeing people wearing it. And batik is really unique and beautiful especially the one made at Nordin Batik.

Since I don't have any experience buying batik, I asked my colleagues to accompany me so that they can be my adviser. Yes, they wear batik regularly to work.

The main purpose of my visit there is to buy some batik for a friend. She requested for a set of batik for her family and I am willing to help. It was really fun going there and we felt like we're tourists that came to buy some souvenirs. And do you know what? I FELL IN LOVE.

Yes, I fell in love with these two caftans.

And ended buying them with a special discounts. The feel of the material is heavenly because it is Jacquard silk. I never knew that I can be so happy wearing batik. And this is the first time that I buy a caftan that suits me very well, you can see in the pics above. Mine is the green one but I also bought the blue one for my sister.

Here are a few pics that I've took during my visit this morning. The couple in the pic is Tuan Haji Nordin and wife, the owner of the store. And that abaya is for sale! I saw this abaya immediately after I stepped in to the store.

I think I would already buy it if the size is S but it is L and the price is MYR255, huhu... but very pretty. Just click on the pic if you want to see a bigger and clearer image. The pics quality is not very good because I use my handphone to snap the pics.

I took many pics but I think that would be enough for this entry. Let's go batik!


NoortheNinjabi said...

Aww, you look so sweet in front of the store, mashaAllah!

Baju kurung, especially the batik ones, look so comfortable! Love your coices :)


kakchik said...

Noor - Thank you. You sound like someone who has been to Malaysia before. Yes baju kurung made from batik looks so elegant.

Kit Pryde said...

ala, more pictures la kak chik.

these are not enough... tak puas tgk!! (erk tamak haloba gambar nampaknye heheheh)

kakchik said...

Kit - more pictures will be in my facebook album. Would you like me to add you? Hehe... kesiannya

ummu masyita said...

Salam kak chik,
Subhanallah..kak chik,kaftan in green.cuantiknya.Abaya tu pun cantik dan kemas tengok.Terima kasih ya kak Chik

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Masyita.
Kaftan tu menjadi rebutan adik dan kakak tapi kakchik tak akan jual sebab suka sangat.
Abaya tu memang cantik dan kemas jahitannya. Semalam ada staf situ yang pakai abaya tu, mak ai... berkenannya kakchik tengok tapi takde saiz dan harganya pun mahal, RM255 tuuu..
Petang ni kakchik nak gi beli baju suami Masyita dan kaftan utk adik, hehe.

♥Aisyahumaira♥ said...

kak chik!!!
batik mms cantekkkkkk
harga pon cantek ;D

I love batek too
tp so far baru ada 3 koleksi
x mampu lg nak beli byk2

kat kelantan, hari rabu x wajib pakai batik ke?

kakchik said...

Wkslm zaza.
batik berkualiti dik... harganya memang berpatutan sekali.
beli sekali-sekala bolehlah... kita ni org makan gaji kecik je, hehe.
kat kelantan ni batik dipakai hari khamis di jabatan kerajaan.

Stylomom said...

I've always loved batik.. cantik and especially the hand drawn ones and on silk... cantik dan lembut sekali, but dont like big flowers... good on you that you have now found beauty in batik.. :)

kakchik said...

Stylomom - All batiks at Nordin Batik are hand drawn. They have their batik factory at the basement and you I was offeref to have a look but have to decline because I was in a hurry. Next time I'm gonna have a look. If you don't like big flowers I suggest you buy the type they called batik retak because most of this line have small flowers and a lot of abstract designs. Yes... I think I might buy more batik in the future maybe the ones like the kaftan. I'm not that keen on wearing baju kurung batik, terlalu cantik to be underneath my abaya, hehe.

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