Oct 30, 2009

Pesona Gala Cik Siti Wan Kembang

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers. As promised, here are some of the pictures that I've taken during the fashion gala yesterday.

I was going to upload them last night but the headache seems to want to pester me so, I took my rest and do this today. Please excuse the low picture quality, I have to use my phone camera because after once or twice snapping pictures with my beloved Canon, it went kaput on me. "Change the battery pack" keep coming on the screen. I did charged the battery before the program, huhu.

Nevermind that, now let's enjoy the pictures.

The pink runaway, I think it must be on behalf of the breast cancer awareness month.

With my besties. Friends forever.

Kak Nur and Ni'mah.

Me and Rubiah (a friend and also a committee member)

The runaway from different angle.

A model models one of the modern jubah.

Professional models on the runaway.

My bestie received the best prize from the Lucky Draw at the end of the program. Congrats Ni'mah! Can I accompany you staying at the family suite?

Committee VIPs waiting for the MC to call the reciever of the lucky draw.

Program finished and everyone crowded the entrance.

My friends: Kak Ma the photographer journalist and Adyani, the busy person.

A special speech from the Chief Minister of Kelantan live from his office. Actually the COO of PMBK also made a special speech but I was eating my pie during his speech and missed snapping pictures.

My special entry ticket. Save for lucky draw.

Inside the goodies bag.

Desserts on the table.

Me and bestie, Kak Nur at the entrance.

Me and the COO's wife, the important person for this gala. She's also a friend who sponsored me and a few others to this event. Thank you Na.

Special appearance by two of the 3 personalities/celebrities. Maizawati Zainal and Farah Adeeba. I don't have Heliza Hilmi's picture.

Some of the clothes being modeled.

Modern baju kurungs. In beige is Zahnita Wilson, for anyone who knows.

Models and on the right is the MC of the program, Syarifah Noor, the TV9 presenter.

A modern jubah. I won't be seen sporting this look, hehehe.

So... that's it. Enjoy! More pictures are in my facebook's album. Thank you CHEMPAKA of PMBK for organizing this memorable event.

Updates: I can't write longer reviews because of my current health but briefly I'd like to say that this event is very grand and might be on par with other fashion show in KL. I wish for more modest and wearable clothes to be shown next time.



nor said...

wow! best nye dapat gi fashion show. :)

♥Aisyahumaira♥ said...

hebatnya event ni!

kakchik said...

nor - rezeki nor.. kalau orang tak jemput kakchik tak dpt nak pergi. so syukur, alhamdulillah.

kakchik said...

zaza - ha'ah mashaAllah. kali pertama dianjurkan dan memang hebat.

Anonymous said...

lain kali jemput la sy sekali

kakchik said...

nurzy - kalau kakchik penganjurnya insyaAllah kakchik jemput.

teacher nur said...


siapa penganjurnya kak chik? kat mana berlangsungnya? hotel atau dewan sahaja?

kakchik said...

wa'alaikummussalam teacher nur.

yang menganjurkannya ialah CHEMPAKA iaitu kelab kakitangan wanita Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan.

acara berlangsung di Dewan Konvensyen Kelantan Trade Center, KTC terdiri dari dewan, hotel, kondo dan dewaniaga.

teacher nur said...

i c... saya teringin jugak nak organize event macam nih, insyaAllah... *berangan mode on*

kakchik said...

teacher nur - takpe... berangan la dulu tapi otak berjalan dengan perancangan, mana tahu satu hari akan berjaya juga angan-angan tu

teacher nur said...

insyaAllah... bukan aper, teringin nak buat untuk buktikan benda nih boleh dibuat mengikut syariat. tak semestinya nak kena ikut how the westerners did... limited to female spectators only bla bla bla... something like that...

kakchik said...

teacher nur, insyaallah boleh dibuat. cuba contact CHEMPAKA untuk berkongsi pengalaman dengan mereka.

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