Oct 16, 2009

MashaAllah! MashaAllah! MashaAllah!

And he's only 3 years old. The owner of this video wrote that this adorable little boy memorized the entire Qur'an. What else can I say besides MASHAALLAH. Please click the video and listen to him. You shall be mesmerized.

I wish to have a baby and give him a chance to be like this. As for now, I am ashame to say that I have only memorized a little of the Surah. I should be ashame.

I don't know about you but I can only provide a few minutes day or night to read the Qur'an and not memorize it. Most of the Surah that I remember were memorized since I was a child and I try to increase one or two Surah every month. So far, I manage to cover most of Juz Amma and a few short ones from other Juz.

O, Allah help me help my self. I want to be able to memorize the Qur'an and also knows the meanings of the Surah. I am still struggling to do this and I am ashame that at the age of 35 I am so far behind this child. I am ashame of my Husband because he memorizes a lot of Surah and every Ramadhan he'll be an Imam for Tarawikh. I should follow their example before you call me back.


♥Aisyahumaira♥ said...

I should be ashamed too!

and i wish i could understand the whole holly Quran. huuu

kakchik said...

zaza, let us do our best in this challenge. then we won't be ashamed anymore.

Nor said...

SUBHANALLAH!! (speechless......)

I am now more determine to send my only son to the madrasah so that he'll become a hafiz soon,Insya allah....

kakchik said...

K.An, insyaAllah Habri will turn out as a find hafiz soon. Give him 2 or 3 years and he'll be one. May Allah bless your efforts.

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