Oct 16, 2009

I am so please with myself

... because I managed to fold 3 baskets of clean clothes!

Yes, you got that right. It was last week that I last doing that task. Actually I wash my dirty clothes everyday but I simply don't have time to fold them. Day by day, the pile of clean clothes keep mounting and no one is going to help me folding them. I know... I know... it's not a good example of a good wife but it's just this week. A week of too many important responsibilities and meetings and also I need to update my blogs right? (try to find excuses)

Well, this morning, after I'm done with preparing breakfast, I updated Keluargaku Sayang and in between I tackle the clothes. Some clothes like abayaat, baju kurungs, husband's shirts and t-shirts, I hang up in the wardrobe (oh, I really need a new and bigger wardrobe). That's the easiest part. The uneasy part is folding the rest because there's no more hanger and also the undies.

I try to be determined and ALHAMDULILLAH, after 2 hours, I managed to finish folding 3 baskets of clothes. Yahoo!!

Happy! Happy! And Happy!

Now, that corner of my bedroom looks so spacious and bright. I wonder what happen there before. Hmm... but don't be too happy because this afternoon another basket of dry laundry will be there, at the corner. Hopefully, I can do the folding after Maghrib while watching the news. At least tomorrow is public holiday (Deepavali/Diwali).

Ahh... after writing this, I'm going to enjoy my bubble bath then solat, do some reading and maybe take some need nap.

See ya.


Chloe Inga Designs said...

I think you deserve a nice, relaxing bubble bath after all that housework! Nice work :)

nor said...

i hate lipat kain ! tapi siapa nak buat kerja tu if not me..and me..and me again..*evil grin*

now, u remind me of re-organising my wardrobe... :)

kakchik said...

Thank you Chloe. Alhamdulillah I did took my bath and my body feels so refreshing now. I'm enjoying my rest now with a book, Life is an open secret; you, me and we. Thank you.

Sasha said...

hahaha!! tergelak Sha baca entry ni... sebab Sha terasa jugak tau!! samalah... Sha pun bab2 lipat-melipat baju cuuuukup liat!

seminggu sekali baru nak lipat... basuhnya mmg ler tiap2 hari... apsal ntah?... bukannya takde masa... tp byk buang masa kat benda2 lain...

Sha suka lipat baju sambil tgk movie best2 kat tv...

hope u enjoy ur sweet nap time ;)

kakchik said...

nor - hehehe, betul tu... kalau bukan yang lipat siapa lagi? nak harapkan the other half, alamat pakai baju dari basketlah tiap hari. now, go! tackle your wardrobe *wink *wink

kakchik said...

Sasha - nampaknya kakchik tak keseorangan dalam hal ni, hehe. selalu 2 hari sekali kakchik melipat kain tapi minggu mmg super busy, tu yg bertimbun tu. nasib baik baunya harum... kakchik klu melipat sama menonton lambat siap, blh juga tapi mmg lambat sb kakchik ni jenis fokus, kalau tgk movie, mata dan otak melekat kat situ, lainlah kalau news.

belum sempat nap pun sha. melayan budak2.

Stylomom said...

Salam Chik.. aiwah, Im the laziest when it comes to laundry and having a domestic helper all these years have not helped either, now that Im alone in England and my hubby wears smart business suits, I just have to drag myself to do this chore. Luckily he understands and just get someone to collect every week to clean the suits and shirts, alhamdulillah... otherwise..

kakchik said...

Stylomom - Wa'alaikummussalam. We also have a helper but she can't be of any help too. You are lucky that your husband could get someone to do the chores, it's not easy to clean his suits. Lol... I feel you sis. If there is some kind of robot that can folds clothes nicely I think lots of women would buy it.

Kujie said...

kak jie baru je minggu ni selongkat almari keluarkan apa yg tak sepatutnya....2 beg besar tu..

kakchik said...

Kujie - kakchik dah selongkar bbrp bulan lepas, sedekahkan kepada yang memerlukan. dah oevr load dah lemari tu.

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