Oct 4, 2009

Sunday is Uniform Day

Assalamualaikum and a happy good morning to all of you. Peace and blessing of Allah be upon the Prophet Muhammad and I wish you all the best in health.

I'm at the Library now, trying to finish reading the current book that I'm going to review. Aside from the headache that still lurking in my head (at least it's not that painful like yesterday), my morning tasks are almost finish.

Sunday is not a weekend day for me because people in Kelantan work on Sundays and rest on Friday and Saturday. The Library is a bit weird because the weekend is Thursday and Friday, LOL. Anyway, just don't let it confuse you.

Sunday means I have to wear my uniform to work. I have 2 uniforms, a batik 'baju kurung' and a pattern abaya (featured below). I prefer wearing the abaya more than the 'baju kurung' because I'm not very fond of wearing it outside of my abaya but once in a while I have to wear it to work. 'Baju kurung' is decent and modest, don't get me wrong but I've always wear it under the abaya since I was 16.

This is today's attire and the pic was taken this morning before I came to work. The hijab is one of the newest (bought at TURSAB). I'm very happy with my working environment and also because my bosses let me wear my niqab there. Alhamdulillah.

If you happen to pass by the Library, please feel free to drop by.


NoortheNinjabi said...

Awww MashaAllah, you look so cute! I love the way you style your niqab!

kakchik said...

Thank you Noor. If you'd like to try that style, I have the link under HOW TO at the side bar.

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