Oct 3, 2009

Another Hijab Heaven

Assalamualaikum dear sisters and brothers (those few that have been following my blog). May all of you in good health and peace.

As a muslimah, HIJAB is a must in our daily life. Well, there are some of us who do not wear hijab, it's okay as long as they don't oppose to it. And I know they also want to wear hijab only that there must be some difficulties or obstacles that prevent them from doing so. Let's just pray that one day they'll be able to do so with ease.

As for tonight, I was nursing my headache since yesterday's afternoon but alhamdulillah the ache has gone down a lot and I just can't stop my self from going online. Internet has become an addiction to us both, me and husband. But we always take care of our ibadah first before internet. Actually I was gonna share with you a new HIJAB HEAVEN that I've found in my hometown. It's called TURSAB Hijab Center, simply known as TURSAB. A bit sounding like TURKISH.

So, here's the store from outside:

And here I am inside the store.

Just look at all those hijabs, from ceiling to floor, all covered with hijabs. I think you can find any kind of hijab in this store. Square, oblong, rectangle, triangle, instant hijabs, big or small, they have it all.

I've registered as their member, yes, they have just launched the membership card and as a member you are entitled for a VERY FABULOUS DISCOUNT but I can't tell you about it, sorry... because they asked me not to.

I brought home 7 hijabs inside this paper bag, another addition to the pile of paper bags that I've been collecting.

After selling 3 instant hijabs to my sister (forgot to snap a pic), this is the rest of the hijabs. 4 pieces of 60" square hijab. I love wearing them just like my style inside the pic above.

This hijabs are only RM20 each and they have 6 colours for you to choose. Besides the ones that I bought, there are also brown and grey at the store.

If you are interested, I can help you get them with a small fee. Oh, this store is only a branch, the main store is in the town center and it's bigger than this one. I might go there one day.


Bahiyaa Black said...

I've never seen that many hijabs before. I would love to have a shop like that around where I live.

kakchik said...

Bahiyaa - insyaallah when there's a will there's a way and I believe one day you'll have your own hijab heaven.

سيده نفيسه said...

salam, Kak Chik,kat mana Tursab ni?area KB ke?specific location please.

kakchik said...

wkslm sayyidah. tursab ada 3 yang kakchik tahu. yang kakchik pergi ni di jln sultan yahya petra, sebelah kemaman kopitian, kedai utamanya di jln che su sebelah arked uda dan satu lagi di dalam tesco.

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum my dear sister,

that's it, I'm moving to Malaysia :P I love the clothes you wear, it's so hard to find beautiful islamic clothing over here in Germany :o(

May Allah restore your health and keep you and your loved ones safe!

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Melda.

You are always welcome sis. Thanks for the compliment. Actually that abaya came from Dubai but if you like contemporary abayaat with more colors and patterns, I'm sure you'll be happy to be in Malaysia.

I'm so sorry that this kind of clothing is hard to get over there. Maybe you'll be the one selling them in Germany, who knows?

Insyaallah I'm already back to my normal life and in good health, thank you for your concern.

Don't forget, you are welcome to move here.

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